Free BuddyPress Themes

WordPress MU and BuddyPress resources tend to be scattered across the wild wilderness of the internet. aims to be the best source for tools, news, and information to help you build and operate successful blog or social networks. We’ve scoured the internet for a few of the best free BuddyPress themes compatible with BuddyPress 1.1. There are also a number of exceptional premium BuddyPress themes to be found at WPMU Dev Premium, all of which are available in pleasing pre-set color palettes, work smoothly with Facebook Connect, and ship with a robust theme options page for a wide range of control from the dashboard. You will be hard pressed to find compatible BuddyPress themes as clean and polished as these. Save yourself loads of time and grab a premium theme. Your other option is to design and build your own or modify a free theme, which depends entirely upon your skills and how much support you need. Either way, we’re happy to point you in the right direction for resources that will be helpful to your installation.

The free themes selected here are compatible with BuddyPress 1.1, which operates on the new theme architecture, utilizing child themes. You’re going to want to get a solid handle on the subject of child themes before building with the new theme framework.

Free BuddyPress Themes:


New Yorker Theme:

Dark Press2:


Avenue K9:

There is a great need for decent looking BuddyPress themes. When BuddyPress plugins are released for use with WP single user, the need is only going to increase. It’s a great time for designers and developers to collaborate. The BuddyPress community is still relatively small, so contributions will have a greater chance of being recognized at this pivotal time. Add your Twitter username in the comments if you’d like to network with others involved with BuddyPress. We’d like to hear what you’re working on and what resources you depend on for BuddyPress theming.