85 Free, Alluring and Lightweight WordPress Themes

85 Free, Alluring and Lightweight WordPress Themes

There are tons of free themes in the WordPress Theme Repository, but searching for the perfect one can be a hit or miss experience.

Often times, you’ll find themes that are bloated with too many built-in features, ignoring WordPress best practices over potential popularity.

This collection of fabulous themes features are clean, lightweight designs, all with a minimal file size – you won’t find outdated coding and an excess of unnecessary features in these themes!

Of course, these themes are all responsive – aren’t they all these days? – and there’s a wide variety to cover most needs, from professional to personal use.

  • Spirit

    High-quality WordPress themes, like our Spirit theme, are updated on a regular basis.

    Spirit is a beautifully designed and well-thought out theme that is feature-rich but can be easily customized to display only the elements you need. The homepage includes large featured sections for CTAs and clear buttons. It has a clear, simple layout that allows your content to shine. Extensive theme options are also available so you can make sweeping changes to the theme, such as adding pages, changing fonts, switching images, creating custom forms – if you can think it up, you can do it with Spirit.

    WPMU DEV members can download Spirit, and if you’re not a member you can try it for free for 14 days.

    Interested in Spirit?

  • Luke + Sara

    If you’re a photographer or work in a creative field, Luke + Sara is the theme you’re looking for. This minimalist theme features a clean and simple design, stunning videos and sortable images galleries. It also comes with all the trimmings – custom-built pricing table and pages, and cool custom Google maps colorization. And there’s more where they come from – Luke and Sara is completely customizable with the Upfront theme platform.

    This theme also features gorgeous fonts that you can change if you so desire, but what I love about this theme is the focus on big, bold imagery – it’s where the theme really shines.

    Interested in Luke + Sara?

  • Parrot

    Parrot is a techie theme that’s ideal for bloggers who love writing online reviews. It’s lightweight, straightforward and gets down to business with its tight typography and simple navigation. It offers a stylish yet professional color scheme, headlines are large and in charge, text is easy to read, and images are bold and enticing.

    This theme looks fantastic on mobile so it doesn’t matter what devices your readers are using, they’ll always enjoy viewing your content.

    Interested in Parrot?

  • Panino

    Plainly is as simple as they come. I challenge you to find a more minimalistic theme. If you want to find an incredibly lightweight theme with simple options to display content with the authority of Wikipedia, then you can stop looking. Its design is reminiscent of sketch pads or a college thesis, which makes it a great theme to focus solely on your writing.

    Interested in Panino?

  • Scribe

    Simplicity and elegance are combined in this theme which makes it great for just about any purpose. It’s a sophisticated yet simple responsive theme that features warm colors and offers a personalized and authentic design approach that’s perfect for small businesses looking to update their online presence.

    The typefaces used are stunning – Cantata One a flowing sans-serif script for paragraph styles, and Lato, for an easy reading experience. Scribe also features custom social icons in both the header and footer, making it easy to promote your business on social media. Every element of this theme is customizable, too, so you can switch colors, change fonts, move the navigation around and anything else you can dream up!

    Interested in Scribe?

  • Fixer

    Fixer is a flat and vibrant theme designed to help you stand out from the crowd and make selling your services a snap. With its huge imagery and bold fonts, this is a theme that will give your business the visibility it deserves.

    From its colorful one-page layout to its wall-to-wall mega header slider and rainbow of colors, this theme can be completely customized to suit your branding. It comes with all the standard features you need for your business site and then some, including eye-catching CTAs, sliders, a sortable gallery, and custom page templates for your portfolio, blog, about and contact pages. What I love most, though, is the easy to set up “Get a Quote” custom-built form.

    Interested in Fixer?

  • Gray Whale

    Gray Whale theme

    Gray Whale features a full screen image as the first thing you see when you visit a site using this theme. When you scroll down, that’s when you are met with the rest of the page. It has large, clear typography among a layout that has a lot of padding. You can make a big impression worth of this theme’s title and you can customize the basics to your liking. There’s a portfolio page to showcase your products or projects, and you can also enjoy the sticky post and threaded comments features.

    Interested in Gray Whale?

  • Volta

    Volta theme

    Just like the last theme, Volta has a large featured image area and a lot of padding to create a spacious layout. Your post excerpts will have room to breathe with this theme to help your content stand out. You can choose to make use of the sidebar or leave it out of the picture to put all the focus on your writing. You can also choose to have up to three columns, sticky posts, and threaded comments.

    Interested in Volta?

  • First

    First theme

    If you’re a fan of the Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve themes then you’ll probably like this theme since it looks like a mix between the two. It has a large featured image with the menu above it. The main differences are that First has four widgets, three menus and you can add a mix of posts and other content on the front page. The latter is quite unique as far as themes go. A sidebar is also available along with the sticky post feature.

    Interested in First?

  • LifeLog

    LifeLog theme

    LifeLog has a linear, traditional timeline look to it with the exception of the threaded comments feature that’s included. It’s a great theme for chronicling your life or other major events. It’s modelled after Tumblr with different post formats so it’s more than okay for posting whatever you’d like, even if it’s just your random thoughts or interesting anecdotes – in fact, this theme was made for it.

    Interested in LifeLog?

  • Puro

    Puro theme

    Puro is definitely a minimalistic theme, but has a touch of added class with its layout being separated by horizontal (and vertical) rules. It elegantly separates the optional sidebar and posts without feeling too intrusive to the theme’s minimalistic nature. You can still choose to make this theme your own with basic theme options and sticky posts.

    Interested in Puro?

  • Seller

    Seller theme

    Seller was built to use with Woo Commerce, which works great with this theme’s thumbnail showcase area and a header bar to display your contact information. It has different page layouts making this theme great for other purposes other than for selling such as for photo blogging. There are a lot more features to this theme including widget areas, a slider, sticky posts and threaded comments.

    Interested in Seller?

  • Storto

    Storto theme

    Storto is not unlike the new Twenty Fifteen theme as it has a left sidebar that is centered with the main content area. The sidebar remains fixed as the content continues scrolling to the end of the page. If you don’t like the color scheme, you can change it to the colors of your choosing along with other theme options. Sticky pots are also an option with this theme.

    Interested in Storto?

  • Semplicemente

    Semplicemente theme

    This is a simple theme that is enhanced by a dynamic drop down menu and a subtle featured image animation. You can change the color scheme to suit your taste, but the sidebar is here to stay. Semplicemente has a well-laid out meta data for posts and the option to make them sticky.

    Interested in Semplicemente?

  • Simple Life

    Simple Life theme

    Simple Life is similar to the preceding theme Semplicemente with its matching layout. This theme is different, though, because it allows you to veto the sidebar and opt for a one column theme. It still allows you to completely customize the color scheme and make other similar changes. Just like the last theme, sticky posts are also included in this theme.

    Interested in Simple Life?

  • Office

    Office theme

    Office is a rather minimalistic business theme which includes a slider and multi-level drop down menu. Other than its threaded comments feature, it has very simple theme options making this a lightweight theme. If you’re looking for a business theme that isn’t bloated with tons of unnecessary features, then look no further because this it it.

    Interested in Office?

  • Perfetta

    Perfetta theme

    This theme was made for a specific audience in mind – cafés or restaurants. That doesn’t mean you can’t make this theme your own with custom colors, background, sticky posts and threaded comments. It’s minimalist, one column design puts your content front and center quite literally. With large featured images, your posts are sure to stand out.

    Interested in Perfetta?

  • Takeoff

    TakeOff theme

    This is a theme that features your latest post front and center at the top of the front page making it a great theme for bloggers. A large feature image shows up with the post and thumbnails are displayed for each other post below it. Each post is separated by its own content box, but you can customize how your posts and pages look in the theme options if you’re not particularly a fan of this theme looks out of the box. If you’re looking for a simple, yet professional looking theme to post your content, Takeoff is one you should consider.

    Interested in Takeoff?

  • Caresland Lite

    Caresland theme

    Caresland Lite has a whimsical looking layout which makes it perfect for content geared toward children. If you’re a teacher, this may be the perfect theme to keep parents and children up to date when out of the classroom. Pick between color schemes if orange is not your favorite color and make other simple adjustments.

    You can also use the sticky post feature to display important announcements on an ongoing basis and keep conversations flowing with threaded comments. If you’d like to enjoy more features as well as support, you can upgrade this theme for $37.

    Interested in Caresland Lite?

  • Verbo

    Verbo theme

    Verbo is a simple theme that looks professional enough to use for corporate or small businesses. It features custom front page content and several widget areas. You can choose which side to place your sidebar or choose not to have one at all to keep your content uncluttered.

    Make simple edits to change the logo and background, but you can only choose between two color schemes. This theme looks good enough on its own that it makes sense not to have too many theme options.

    Interested in Verbo?

  • Archy

    Archy theme

    Archy has a narrow content area unlike most of the themes on this list. Regardless, it still manages to display large featured images. It includes a slider to display featured images if you want your posts to get more face time. Despite its narrow design, it still manages to display text well with smaller typography. Sticky post and threaded comments are also included to round out this theme.

    Interested in Archy?

  • Crawford

    Crawford theme

    Crawford is another minimalist theme that has its content centered save for the actual content of your posts. This design makes it a great theme for writers, but with a couple of plugins, this theme can be used for just about any purpose, especially since you can customize the colors and other basic options to suit your specific needs. You can also make use of sticky posts with this theme if you’d like.

    Interested in Crawford?

  • Bliss

    Bliss theme

    Bliss is a simple theme that’s optimal for mobile websites. It won’t be cluttered with unnecessary bells and whistles for easy mobile viewing, but it does include a slideshow feature. If you’re not happy with how it looks out of the box, you can customize the color scheme and background to your heart’s content.

    Interested in Bliss?

  • My Passion

    My Passion theme

    My passion has a bold drop down menu which adds elegance to an otherwise minimal theme. It’s a great looking theme on its own, but you can customize it completely in the theme options. You can change everything from the color scheme to the actual layout. It has a unique typography which matches well with the bold color scheme and accents.

    Interested in My Passion?

  • Gump

    Gump theme

    Gump displays the entirety of a post on the homepage with large featured images. The sidebar has a background that adds a splash of color to an otherwise white site. If you prefer not to have the sidebar present, then you can choose the full width template. There are simple theme options to make a few changes which is all the same since this theme looks great right out of the box.

    Interested in Gump?

  • Illustratr

    Illustratr theme

    Illustratr is a portfolio theme that is styled as a masonry grid on the front page. You can also put your portfolio on any page with this theme if the homepage doesn’t work for you. You can customize the colors and other styling options as well as make your posts sticky.

    Interested in Illustratr?

  • Kotetsu

    Kotetsu theme

    Even though this theme is very minimalistic, its circular featured images gives it an interesting and unique look. Once you add images, they will stand out making this theme look anything but simple. You can leave this theme the way it is or you can add a sidebar and change the color scheme, and make other style edits. Sticky posts are also included in this theme.

    Interested in Kotetsu?

  • SKT Parallaxme

    SKT Parallaxme theme

    You might have guessed already, but this is a one page parallax theme. You can add up to 10 sections to the home page and it has a slider, thumbnail gallery and a drop down menu. This theme doesn’t have much else to it, but it sure looks captivating. The best part of this theme is the fact that you could use it for any purpose whether professional or personal. There are theme options available as well as the sticky post and threaded comments features.

    If you would like more styling features, you can upgrade your theme for $30.

    Interested in SKT Parallaxme?

  • Apolos

    Apolos theme

    Apolos splits up content into its own box separating it from the dark and sleek rest of the page. This is what gives the theme its overall bold look. If you don’t like the single column look, you can choose to have up to three and switch the sidebar around. Threaded comments are included in this theme which should make for many very interesting conversations.

    Interested in Apolos?

  • Beluga

    Beluga theme

    This theme has a similar style as the Gray Whale theme from earlier on in this post. It has the same large typography which displays text very well and clearly. Sticky posts and threaded comments come standard with this theme as do other basic options. It also has a hamburger menu which interestingly not only displays a menu, but also other sections to add more information about your blog or whatever you wish. This will ultimately keep your content in the center of attention, right where it should be.

    Interested in Beluga?

  • Nouveau Riche

    Nouveau Riche theme

    Nouveau Riche is a cool theme because its sidebar is located on the left hand side only when the hamburger menu button is clicked. The button also follows as you scroll down the page making the sidebar within reach no matter where you are on the page. This helps set the focus on your content and keeps it there.

    Interested in Nouveau Riche?

  • Welcome

    Welcome theme

    This theme’s content area and sidebar stretches out to the outer edge of the browser window making its content hard to miss. This in-your-face style can really come in handy if you have bold images to match. It might surprise you to know that this is also an eCommerce theme. You can change certain aspects of the style to suit your needs with the included theme options. Sticky post and threaded comment features also come standard with this theme.

    Interested in Welcome?

  • Finch

    Finch theme

    Just like the previous theme, Finch also has a large content area to display your work prominently. It has clear, medium-sized typography, which helps with that, too. You have the option to use sticky posts and the included theme options are basic. If you’ve fallen head over heals for this theme the way it looks out of box, then you’re in luck.

    Interested in Finch?

  • FullFolio

    FullFolio theme

    Fullfolio is a portfolio theme which you probably have already guessed judging by its name. It’s masonry style portfolio layout stretches to the edges of the screen as do the other pages and featured images. This makes it a great theme for a mobile site, but if you want to tweak the style a bit, that’s definitely an option with this theme.

    Interested in FullFolio?

  • Chelonian

    Chelonian theme

    Your eyes immediately scan the header text in this theme capturing your attention. That’s why this theme would make a great landing page or personal blog. Your content won’t have to compete for your visitor’s attention with this one column layout, but a page template with a sidebar on the right hand side is included if you’d prefer to have one. You can also make use of the threaded comments feature and make basic edits with the theme options – both of which are included.

    Interested in Chelonian?

  • White

    White theme

    This theme is really cool because it has a slider and featured images that are animated with css for added curb side appeal. There’s also multiple page layouts, sidebars and theme options to create a site you can be proud to show off. Sticky posts and threaded comments are included as are many more options to make a fabulous site that’s great for any purpose.

    Interested in White?

  • Casper

    Casper theme

    This is another minimalist theme that features a large header and typography for your content to stand out and make an impression. Casper is inspired by the Ghost blogging platform and its default theme, but it has added flair in the way of features you can only get with WordPress. You can customize this theme’s style to your heart’s content to help your content stand out even more.

    Interested in Casper?

  • Omega

    Omega theme

    Omega has all the features and framework of a great site. You can either enjoy the theme as is, or make your mark by customizing it completely as a child theme which is why this theme was created. It has a fairly robust set of theme options and also includes standard features such as sticky posts and threaded comments.

    Interested in Omega?

  • Floki

    Floki theme

    This theme has options for 3D animations – how cool is that? You can also customize this theme to include a large image in the header, or keep it simple and just display blog posts with or without sidebars. You can edit the style in Floki’s theme options and use the sticky post feature and Google fonts if you’d like.

    Interested in Floki?

  • Museum

    Museum theme

    Museum was made for placing images front and center. You can choose how you display images whether in a grid or large scale and on its own. Excerpts are colorfully displayed on top of the images drawing you in. I was so compelled by the layout when viewing the demo, I actually read through the articles even though they had nothing to do with WordPress or the theme itself. Your images won’t have much trouble shining with this theme.

    There are many theme options to tweak the look to your liking and you can also choose to use sticky posts and threaded comments as they are also included.

    Interested in Museum?

  • Flounder

    Flounder theme

    I added Flounder to this list because I really enjoyed the colorful post formats which you don’t see to often when searching for themes. You can definitely change the style and colors of this theme to suit your tastes, but it certainly looks good right out of the box. You won’t have to resize images, either, because this theme does it automatically. Threaded comments are also included.

    Interested in Flounder?

  • Genbu

    Genbu theme

    Genbu can display a lot of content with an impressive number of layouts. It displays content without being too overwhelming with its minimalist layout. It includes threaded comments, sticky posts and theme styling options to change the theme’s style. It’s a great theme to use for a support forum or other purposes which require posting a ton of text.

    Interested in Genbu?

  • Dice

    Dice theme

    Dice has a simple layout with simple theme options. It’s a great basis for building upon, but it’s also fully functional right out of the box. Dice proves that a minimal theme doesn’t necessarily have to look plain and can easily have a bit of flair while still remaining clean. While removing the sidebar isn’t an option, having sticky posts, and adding a logo and menu are certainly customizable.

    Interested in Dice?

  • Ravel

    Ravel theme

    Ravel is a rather elegant looking theme designed to show off your images with the Custom Content Portfolio plugin. It has a unique layout which certainly does a great job displaying images in a way that is very eye-catching. Threaded comments and theme styling options are also included to jazz up this theme even more.

    Interested in Ravel?

  • Bosco

    Bosco theme

    Bosco is another theme in this list that is very minimalist, but displays content well with its centered, one column layout and large font post titles. Even in its simplicity, there are still quite a few theme options to change the style to your liking. Different post styles are also included making this theme great for photo blogging, vlogging or otherwise posting lots of content.

    Interested in Bosco?

  • Adaption

    Adaption theme

    Adaption reels you in with its bold menu and its ability to display large images. Unlike most other themes in this list, this theme’s content hangs out on the left side of the page, rather than being centered. If you’re not happy with the way Apaption looks, you can change it up with all the basic theme options that you need to instil your own personal style. You additionally have the option to have sticky posts and multiple post formats are included.

    Interested in Adaption?

  • Isola

    Isola theme

    Isola is another theme that has its menu tucked away in order to allow your content to have room to breathe and giving it the maximum amount of exposure. The menu can be accessed through a hamburger button beside the blog title in the header and the menu pops out from the left. With clear typography and the ability to display large images, this theme is great for personal blogs or even professional photographers and other artists.

    Interested in Isola?

  • Daisy Blue

    Daisy Blue theme

    Daisy Blue is a clean looking theme with accented aquamarine titles and metadata. A little splash of color goes a long way with this theme whether or not you choose to customize it with the included theme options. Threaded comments and sticky post features are also included and you can choose to switch to a full width page template if you’d prefer.

    Interested in Daisy Blue?

  • Baskerville

    Baskerville theme

    Baskerville is a great theme for displaying your posts in a meaningful way and in a masonry, three column grid. It includes every post type and displays them with beautiful typography and styles. Posts don’t seem to have troubles standing out with this theme, especially with the 4 page templates that are included. You can also customize the style in the theme options, and add sticky posts and threaded options as well.

    Interested in Baskerville?

  • MineZine

    MineZine theme

    This theme was built to be used for magazine style posts and the Woo Commerce plugin. Its rich with theme options such as widget areas and sticky posts, but includes only 3 color schemes. MineZine looks great right out of the box so having extensive options isn’t really necessary.

    Interested in MineZine?

  • Rectangulum

    Rectangulum theme

    Rectangulum is no doubt named for its images and posts being elongated to fit the entire width of the screen. Most themes follow this style, but only for the featured image, while this theme goes all out. It also includes a slider for posts, gallery slideshow layout and it supports sticky posts along with different post formats. This theme is also ready to have its style and color scheme fully customized.

    Interested in Rectangulum?

  • Hashi

    Hashi theme

    Hashi is on top of the list for most lightweight themes. It has a straight forward layout where sidebars are optional. If you don’t like the default cherry blossom header image, you can certainly change it along with other basic theme options including sticky posts and threaded comments. Don’t shy away from this theme if you think it’s too unadorned, though, because you can edit the style quite a bit.

    Interested in Hashi?

  • Enterprise Lite

    Enterprise Lite theme

    Instead of a homepage slider or feature image, Enterprise Lite has a feature box for text and three widget areas. Its featured image capabilities are also unique in that they are formatted to be slender almost like a widescreen movie. This theme includes simple options and buttons that are very stylish.

    Interested in Enterprise Lite?

  • Coeur

    Coeur theme

    Coeur has a very soft color scheme and style which is echoed in its clear typography and layout. This theme is especially easy to set up and customize, and includes a full selection of post types along with threaded comments and sticky post features. It’s a lovely theme you can customize for your personal or professional blog.

    Interested in Coeur?

  • Litesite

    LiteSite theme

    Litesite is perfect for businesses that want to keep their website looking clean and minimal while still being able to display content fluidly. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a business theme such as customizable front page widget areas, multiple page templates, custom logo, sticky post and threaded comments. This theme just displays it all neatly, especially with its strong, eye-catching typography.

    Interested in Litesite?

  • Avenue

    Avenue theme

    Avenue has a pretty unique design with an animated full width slider and widget areas. Its typography is easy on the eyes stylish buttons are included to further elevate this theme’s design. Multiple page templates and theme options come standard with this theme in case orange isn’t your favorite color. Even with all these bells and whistles, Avenue still manages to be lightweight with a modern style.

    Interested in Avenue?

  • Naya Lite

    Naya Lite theme

    Don’t be fooled by the screenshot for this theme as it doesn’t accurately display Naya Lite’s true beauty. Once you visit the demo, you’ll see what I mean. It has an elegant typography that makes this theme truly special and awe inspiring, despite the fact that there isn’t much to its layout and style. You can make it even better by making use of its theme options, page templates and sticky posts.

    A simple theme certainly doesn’t mean plain and Naya Lite definitely exemplifies this idea.

    Interested in Naya Lite?

  • Kelly

    Kelly theme

    The highlight of this theme is its extensive content area which spans over almost the entire page making plenty of room for all your content. You don’t have to be shy posting large photos because the Kelly theme will display loudly and proudly. It also has vivid typography to aid in creating a smooth reading experience. While Kelly’s theme options aren’t extensive, they should be sufficient in adding just the right amount of texture and flair.

    Interested in Kelly?

  • Adventurous

    Adventurous theme

    Adventurous has a lovely animated slider and front page widget areas. It has an elegant drop down menu and many features you’d expect from a paid business theme – yet, you won’t have to pay a dime. It’s a highly customizable theme with all major post formats, sticky posts and threaded comments to boot.

    Interested in Adventurous?

  • Counterpoint

    Counterpoint theme

    I was pleasantly surprised by Counterpoint’s circular featured images. It’s not a feature most themes have. They’re used not only as thumbnails on the front page, but as post headers as well. Counterpoint also has an elegant font with bold buttons for post excerpts that add a spirited splash of color to an otherwise minimalist theme. This is certainly a unique theme that you can add to with the included theme options and sticky posts.

    Interested in Counterpoint?

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily theme

    Water Lily displays posts in a three column, masonry styled grid like many other themes, but unlike many other themes, your posts take center stage right at the top of the page. Most other themes display a slider or featured image before displaying posts, but Water Lily lacks these features purposely to let your posts do their thing and attract attention.

    Water Lily does include theme options to further style its design as well as threaded comments and sticky posts. Besides these features, it’s a clean and simple theme.

    Interested in Water Lily?

  • Eighties

    Eighties theme

    Eighties looks like a single column theme until you expand the menu and sidebar by clicking on the corresponding header buttons. This helps sticky posts, standard posts and galleries stand out unencumbered by other features. While we’re on the subject, the header image can be changed along with other styling options if you don’t think the out of the box set up is exactly right.

    Interested in Eighties?

  • Delivery Lite

    Delivery Lite theme

    Delivery Lite is a magazine theme that features easy to read posts with its well laid out design. It’s not overflowing with theme options, but it does include a featured posts slider, threaded comments, four widget areas, two menus and built-in pagination. It’s a professional looking theme that doesn’t need to be restricted to one purpose, but can also be used for personal blogs or professional businesses.

    Interested in Delivery Lite?

  • De Naani

    De Naani theme

    De Naani is an elegant, minimalist theme that would be great for posting resumés or project portfolios. If you want to get more out of this theme, you certainly can as this theme pairs really well with the GMO Show Time slider plugin and the GMO Font Agent plugin. The theme options for De Naani aren’t extensive, but there’s enough going on to be able to customize the styling and color scheme. It also includes all the standard post types and sticky posts.

    Interested in De Naani?

  • Jkreativ Lite

    Jkreativ Lite theme

    Jkreativ Lite has a menu on the left-hand side modelled after the Twenty Fourteen theme, but it’s masonry displayed posts sets it apart and makes it more unique. This theme may be light on its options, but who needs a boat load of settings when Jkreativ Lite looks amazing directly out of the box?

    Interested in Jkreativ Lite?

  • Semicolon

    Semicolon theme

    Semicolon is a magazine theme that’s as minimalist as it gets. Its spacious layout and post thumbnails gives it a unique feel when compared to other themes in the same category. You can choose to have up to four columns with this theme and it also includes threaded colors. You can also change the color scheme and other basic styling in the theme options.

    Interested in Semicolon?

  • Big Impresa

    Big Impresa theme

    At first glance, Big Impresa may look like a regular old blogging theme, but it’s actually an eCommerce theme that’s Woo Commerce compatible. It also includes several post formats, sticky posts and quite a few theme options to control the look and feel of this theme. Big Impresa gives the impression of a personal, yet professional feel which makes it not only great to set up a shop, but also suitable for many other purposes whether it’s for business or personal use.

    Interested in Big Impresa?

  • Diarjo Lite

    Diarjo theme

    Diarjo Lite is a great looking masonry theme that can be used for just about any purpose. It’s elegant enough to be used for professional sites, but its color scheme is warm enough for personal use as well. Posts look striking with different post styles being paired with prominently displayed content. This theme also includes different color schemes, sidebars and other theme options to help customize the design to your desired look and feel.

    Interested in Diarjo Lite?

  • TdPersona

    TdPersona theme

    TdPersona is definitely a personal blogging theme first and foremost as its header image is reserved for a photo of the author. It’s otherwise has a simple, yet elegant one column design. It has a well-designed layout that displays post excepts with a bit of finesse having the metadata displayed in a beautiful, bold font. Theme options are available to further enhance the design as well as the sticky post and threaded comment features.

    Interested in TdPersona?

  • Lean

    Lean theme

    Lean is a theme that’s lightweight when it comes to formatting, but thankfully not when it comes to design. It features images that span the whole width of the content area which looks amazing next to the dark-colored menu on the left sidebar. Video and gallery posts are presented equally well, even in text-heavy entries. There isn’t much in the way of theme options, but threaded comments are included.

    Interested in Lean?

  • Themify Base

    Themify theme

    Themify Base is a lovely looking theme that is elegant despite its simplistic design. Its featured images are displayed with slightly rounded edges which seems like an unimportant feature, but it’s what elevates this theme to a unique standpoint. Themify Base also includes many styling and theme options such as 5 color schemes, post styling and over 600 Google fonts.

    Interested in Themify Base?

  • Vanilj

    Vanilj theme

    Vanilj has a progress bar at the very top of the page which displays how far you have progressed down any given page to reveal how much further you have left to go. This is by far the coolest feature of this theme and lands it as the perfect theme for long form bloggers. It has quite a few basic theme options and also includes sticky posts and threaded comments.

    Interested in Vanilj?

  • Directory

    Directory theme

    This theme is unlike any other on this list because it was built to be used as directory to house business listings and act as an online portal. It has a well designed layout that fits this purpose perfectly. Directory is not without regular WordPress features, of course. It includes many theme options as well as several post types, threaded comments, sticky posts and multiple column page templates.

    Interested in Directory?

  • Franklin

    Franklin theme

    Does this theme remind you of a children’s book character or is it just me? Franklin has a turquoise color scheme, an elegant design and a bold style of font to really let text pop up from the page. It doesn’t have too much in the way of theme options, but this theme is great enough to stand alone without them. Still, Franklin does include enough style options to make this theme your own as well as the sticky post feature.

    Interested in Franklin?

  • Fictive

    Fictive theme

    Fictive is an otherwise minimalist theme if it weren’t for the small, but chic, colorful embellishments which gives this theme a lot of personality and great style. Post formats make this theme even more dynamic looking along with custom menu widgets, sticky posts and many theme options.

    Interested in Fictive?

  • Zinnia

    Zinnia theme

    Zinnia has a narrow, sleek design that’s perfect for showcasing content with clean fonts and minimal distractions. It also includes a slider or featured image for the front page along with threaded comments and many customizable theme options. This the perfect theme for blogging and a great theme for just about any other purpose.

    Interested in Zinnia?

  • Shamatha

    Shamatha theme

    Shamatha is the Sanskrit word for peaceful abiding which is the inspiration for this theme. You can see it carried out through its large, clear typography and generous padding. You have a choice between a single column page template or one with a sidebar on the right. Surprisingly, Shamatha has quite a few theme options as well as the ability to use the sticky post feature.

    Interested in Shamatha?

  • TaraZa

    TaraZa theme

    TaraZa has a fully customizable homepage with a carousel slider for feature posts. It has a clean design and animations for thumbnails and posts. It’s a great theme for professional or business use, but can be used for other purposes as well. It has several theme options including many page and post templates and style choices.

    Interested in TaraZa?

  • Ignite

    Ignite theme

    Ignite is a wide set theme that stretches to fit the page almost entirely. It allows for large featured images to sweep attention to the content of the page, rather than the extra sidebar content, no matter how elegant it may be. There are many theme options to tailor the design to your styling needs and Ignite also includes sticky posts and threaded comments.

    Interested in Ignite?

  • PaperCuts

    PaperCuts theme

    PaperCuts can be used for just about any purpose due to its customizable design, sturdy layout and its compatibility with the Breadcrumb NavXT and WooCommerce plugins. This theme has 3 color schemes, custom widgets, Google fonts, sticky posts and many theme options to meet your styling needs.

    Interested in PaperCuts?

  • Pisces

    Pisces theme

    Pisces is a left-justified magazine theme with colorful, eye-catching fonts and styles. You can change the background to any image and it will stretch across the entirety of the page as long as its width is larger than 960 px. It has multiple styled post formats, sticky posts and enough theme options to adjust the style to suit your needs.

    Interested in Pisces?

  • Briks

    Briks theme

    Briks is a theme that displays its posts as the main content of the front page in a masonry format. It has subtle, yet striking pops of color in its borders, fonts and buttons to add some dimension to an otherwise white color scheme. It has a few basic theme options to amp up the design for a classic theme that would work well for almost any purpose.

    Interested in Briks?

  • Rewind

    Rewind theme

    Rewind was mainly created as a small business theme or for personal websites. It includes a slider that you can display on the front page along with your choice of featured posts or static content. It has a darker color scheme which you can easily change in the theme options among other basic styling edits.

    Interested in Rewind?

  • Why Hello There

    Why Hello There theme

    The Why Hello There theme is great for magazine-style blogs with its large, bold fonts and prominently displayed excerpts. The menu bar is animated and also sticks to the top of the page to help keep branding awareness present throughout the website and offer direction in the way of the page links. In addition to a sidebar template, a full width page is also included along with sticky posts and theme options.

    Interested in Why Hello There?

  • Tonal

    Tonal theme

    Tonal is an amazing theme for professional or personal blogs as its layout stretches throughout the page, almost to its outer limits. Posts excerpts are shown with large, clear fonts and huge featured images. Tonal has all the post formats you could want that are all displayed on a big scale with large sizing options. The minimalist style also changes based on your chosen background color for optimal complementary style. There are other theme options to further this themes design including sticky posts.

    Interested in Tonal?

Which theme from this list is your favorite? Did I miss any themes that belong in this list? Let me know in the comments below.