Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme for App Developers

If you are in the business of creating kickass apps for mobile devices, this new free WordPress theme is for you! Most apps cannot depend on the very little exposure they receive within the various app stores. Apps also require a solid web presence in order to be successful. AppifyWP Launchpad is a coming soon WordPress theme that was designed and developed specifically for app developers who want to start getting the word out about their upcoming app releases.

This is no simple, generic placeholder theme. It’s actually packed with tons of useful features that help app developers give a decent sneak preview of the app, as well as capture future customer information.

  • Generate interest in your app before you launch it
  • Choose between iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Mac, or PC templates.
  • Responsive layout for mobile and tablet users
  • Capture email addresses with a custom MailChimp widget
  • Add up to 3 screenshots as a slideshow or 1 video from YouTube/Vimeo to play inside the device
  • Customize colors, fonts, and images
  • Simplified page/post layout for minimal updates and info
  • Upgrade compatible with AppifyWP

Check out a live demo to see the full page in action with its responsive layout and slider.

If you need a full-featured app website when you’re ready to launch your app, you can easily transition this coming soon theme to the AppifyWP WordPress theme, which is designed to help optimize and promote your app on the web. This theme saves you time and money because it allows you to get your app out there as soon as possible, delivering a customizable site for your app in just minutes.

While you’re busy building your app, you can start reaching your future customers and generate excitement for your product before it hits app stores. Launch the marketing for your app early with the free AppifyWP Launchpad from AppifyWP.