Free WordPress Landing Page Plugins Reviewed

Landing pages play a major role for many sites – whether it’s a squeeze page or a sales page or something else where you want the visitor’s attention intently focused.

While there are lots of premium solutions for landing pages, there are still a few free ones you can take advantage of in the way of plugins.

The selection of working plugins in this area seems to be a little thin, but you may find something here that will suit your needs. We’ll review the ones we found to be working below. Our goal in the tests was to create a simple landing page/squeeze page with an email capture form.

Be sure to check out comparisons and overall scores at the end.

  • WP Lead Plus Free

    The Good:

    While not really intuitive, you can create some attractive yet simple landing pages. You can even insert video into the page.

    Another useful thing to know is that the page you complete through the specialized editor ends up as a regular WordPress page. And so some of the limitations present in the free version (like not uploading your own background) can be gotten around.

    It’s not that I’m about trying to skirt upgrading to the pro version (of which there is one), but not being able to upload your own background seems like an especially limiting restriction.

    There’s also easy font control. And of course, as it’s a WordPress page, you can set it as your homepage if you like. 

    The Bad: 

    There isn’t a lot that’s actually very intuitive here. You will need to watch the video tutorials very closely in order to figure things out. 

    Only a few templates available in the free version. As mentioned above, you can’t upload your own background pic through the specialize editor.

    It seems the plugin author has been relatively inactive in the support forums. 


    If you have the patience to go through the videos, you can end up creating a simple yet attractive landing page. 

    Features List:

    • Lots of editable areas
    • Autoresponder integration
    • Video options
    • Logo integration
    • Background control (to some degree)
    • Color control
    • A few templates
    • Responsive
    • Can set as homepage?
  • Parallax Gravity

    The Good:

    Nice scrolling parallax effect. Lots of control in terms of adding all the sections you want, as well as controlling the material within the section. You can also use shortcodes from other plugins.

    The Bad:

    One of the drawbacks of this plugin is that the page it creates can’t be used as the homepage. There was some talk about that in the WordPress support forum, and the author says he’s working on it, but as it stands, it’s not possible.


    The big advantage of this plugin is that it gives you parallax sections that are popular these days – i.e a number of different sections on a page, and the page scrolls but the images/background of the sections don’t.

    As there is also no traditional header or footer on your page, in that way this is definitely a landing page plugin.

    But it also doesn’t have any built in mechanism for autoresponders. However, you can insert shortcodes or other code in order to build the sections the way you want them.

    Here’s a look at a video provided by the plugin author:

    Features List:

    • Parallax sections effect
    • WordPress visual editor
    • Responsive (background image reduces)
    • Font control
    • Can use shortcodes or other code
  • Impact Template Editor

    The Good:

    This is a “page builder,” and so it will let you do more things than many other plugins built especially for landing pages. It does let you remove the header and footer areas on the page, however, and so it can easily create landing page type pages.

    The Bad:

    Because it isn’t designed especially for landing pages, there is no built-in function for autoresponders and no landing page templates. However, you can still easily put autorepsonders into the pages you build with it and with a little work, you can build your own style of landing page.


    This is a powerful page builder plugin. While not a slick, landing page machine with built-in templates, you can certainly create your own with it. You might also find yourself using it for purposes beyond landing pages.

    Here’s a look at some settings.

    Features List:

    • Widget areas
    • Create own templates
    • Column function
    • Use visual editor
    • Logo insertion
    • SEO aspects
    • Header/footer control
    • Hook areas
    • Responsive
    • Set as homepage
  • Ultimate Landing Page

    The Good:

    Unfortunately, not a lot of good here. Options in the free version(s) are extremely limited. See “The Bad” below for more explanation.

    The Bad:

    Unfortunately, there’s lots of “bad” with this plugin, lots of frustration.

    The free version you find in the WordPress directory has a few, nice simple functions, but unfortunately, if you’d like to use the automated autoresponder function, you are told you can only use Feedburner.

    There is a grayed-out option for both Aweber and MailChimp, but you’re told you can’t use those with this version. You can, however, “upgrade” to another free version available on the author’s site.

    Upon going to the author’s site to download the “advanced” lite version, you find lots of hoops to jump through. Ads for the pro version are put in your way time and time again. Even though you think you’re doing what you should, you find yourself confused because you never seem to be getting to the plugin.

    When you finally do get the “advanced” lite version and install it, you find that not only can you still not get Aweber and MailChimp integration, but a number of simple functions available in the first version, like uploading a logo have been removed.

    Again there are promises that you will get what you want by buying the pro version.

    It also appears the plugin author has not been active in the support forums for five months.


    Cannot recommend this plugin. The “lite” version you find in the WordPress directory is limited, allowing you to only use Feedburner, which is currently being intentionally starved to death by Google.

    While you could still put in code for an email form from MailChimp, for example, you cannot remove the email box that is already there. So it would leave you with two email boxes on your site.

    This free plugin (in its various forms) seems like an obstacle course of ads, trickery, and frustration to try to get you to buy the pro version.

    Features List:

    We’ll go ahead and give the features of the plugin found in WordPress directory. As mentioned above, they vary from those of the supposed “advanced” free version.

    • Upload logo
    • Control background color
    • Control background image
    • Control fonts

Comparing Features

Ultimate Landing PageWP Lead PlusParallax GravityImpact
Autoresponder Readynoyesnono
Visual Editornoyesyesyes
Widget Areasnononoyes
Logo Insertionyesyesyesyes
Background Controlyesyesyesyes
Font Controlyesyesyesyes
Header/Footer Controlnononoyes
Set as Homepagenoyesnoyes

Who Wins?

Unless you have attractive graphics and a good sense of design, you will probably be better going for relatively simple pages with these plugins.


  • Impact Template Editor:
  • Parallax Gravity:
  • WP Lead Plus Free:
  • Ultimate Landing Page:
Most take a little bit of work to get looking right. Some provide templates, but the better templates they offer usually come only with pro versions.

For that reason, we’ll say the Parallax Gravity plugin is the one that will allow the average user to build something more sophisticated and modern-looking in a relatively short time.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, then we’d go with the Impact Template Editor simply because of its flexibility.