Free Plugin Brings Facebook-Style Live Notifications to BuddyPress

Free Plugin Brings Facebook-Style Live Notifications to BuddyPress

The big news over this past weekend is that Brajesh Singh of BuddyDEV has released an exciting new plugin for BuddyPress that allows your site to display live notifications for new updates. The best part is that you can download this plugin absolutely free!

BuddyPress Live Notification shows new notifications to your users in real time, the exact same way that Facebook does. Check out a screenshot:

The live notifications work for all kinds of activities within your community – ie. private messaging, new friend requests, comments on activity posts, etc. The plugin works in real time, updates itself in real time, and notifies your users in real time.

Current Features of BuddyPress Live Notification:

  • Live notification
  • The notification can be anything (like adding friend/receiving message/groups request/friend request or anything which BuddyPress considers as notification). It is exactly same as Facebook Notification.
  • The Notifier will show the notices of new notification as well as update the notification in adminbar automatically.
  • The notification will be shown even if you are logged in the backend (wordpress admin)
  • If you have the activity comment Notifier Plugin, it will even notify when someone comments on your updates
Live notification updates in the admin bar

Your users have already come to expect instant AJAX notifications, simply because they have seen them used on Facebook. The live notices help to keep members interacting longer on your website. It also gives users an instant connection to each other and fosters community. This is one of those BuddyPress extras that has the potential to bring a bit more excitement to the interaction that happens on your site. It is, perhaps, one of the most awesome BuddyPress plugins released so far this year. You can download BuddyPress Live Notification for free from BuddyDEV.