Free Plugin Lets You Use WordPress Multisite to Power Multiple BuddyPress Social Networks

Currently the default support for BuddyPress within WordPress Multisite is only for the main site. But what if you could have multiple social networks running on one WordPress installation, each having its own separate environment? BuddyPress enthusiasts have been asking for this feature ever since the plugin came on the scene. Now there’s a plugin for that!

We recently ran an article announcing Multiple Instances of BuddyPress Coming Soon to WordPress Multisite. One of our WPMU DEV members got in touch with us to let us know about the work he has been doing to make this possible. He has created BuddyPress Multi Site, a plugin which enables you to run multiple instances of BuddyPress on WordPress Multisite.

BP Multi Site is currently being used to power, a place for online collaboration, which includes groups, document sharing, discussion forums, calendars, messaging, profiles, blogging, task management and a host of other features for businesses and organizations. is a great example of what’s possible with BP Multi Site. This plugin essentially allows you to provide a hosted version of BuddyPress for your users to take advantage of for creating their own social networks. Mike, the plugin’s developer, has kindly allowed us to offer the plugin on for free.

We’re happy to offer this plugin for free to our faithful readers. Download your copy of BP Multi Site today to add unlimited BuddyPress communities to your WordPress multisite network.