10 Free Tumblr-Style Themes for WordPress

10 Free Tumblr-Style Themes for WordPressMicroblogging is all the rage these days.

And why not? Services like Tumblr offer users a quick and easy way to create and curate content in a manner that is more accessible and feature-rich than social networking status updates, without requiring the full on commitment of running a blog.

It is fair to say that WordPress developers have been inspired by the huge growth of the Tumblr platform over the past couple of years, with custom post types being a prime example of that fact. And although WordPress is not primarily a microblogging platform, that does not prevent developers from using their skills to turn it into one.

So if you are interested by the functionality and general “feel” of a Tumblr blog, but want to retain the power and extensibility of the WordPress platform, this selection of 10 free Tumblog-style themes will be right up your alley.

10. Befree


Demo / Download

9. TumblePress


Demo / Download

8. Buttercream


Demo / Download

7. Pachyderm


Demo / Download

6. Stumblr


Demo / Download

5. BonPress


Demo / Download

4. Gordon


Demo / Download

3. Esquire


Demo / Download

2. Launch


Demo / Download

1. Casual


Demo / Download

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