Free TwentyTen Five Theme Brings HTML5 to WordPress

You’ve heard all the buzz about HTML5. Perhaps you’ve been wishing for some way to incorporate it with WordPress. Wait no longer!

The new TwentyTen Five Theme is a complete upgrade of the default TwentyTen theme, and you can download it for free.

About the TwentyTen Five Theme:

It’s completely free, easy to build on, and brings brand new HTML5 elements and functionality to WordPress.

What does it look like? Well, it looks just like the TwentyTen theme – only behind the scenes it’s got superpowers! You can use it as it is or as a framework/parent theme for your own HTML5 theme creations.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 offers support for all of the latest multimedia that websites need to be on the cutting edge. The goal is to keep the markup easy to read by humans, as well as as computers and devices. It provides powerful support for web-based applications with better support for graphics, videos, styling effects, and devices such as tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.

TwentyTen Five Features:

  • New HTML5 tags such as < article >, < time >, < figure >, etc. for a more semantic markup
  • HTML5 form elements for comment forms
  • Modernizr.js to make sure that all new elements render correctly in IE prior to version 9
  • WAI-ARIA techniques for accessibility
  • Microformats for semantic markup of machine-readable metadata, such as address book info, calendar listings, XFN, and much more!

What about cross-browser compatibility?

If you’re scared about cross-browser incompatibility, don’t be. The TwentyTen Five theme has you covered. All it takes is just a little bit of JavaScript to make HTML5 compatible with all browsers, even Granny’s favorite, IE6!

For a full and detailed description of how all the new features fit in, make sure to check out Using HTML5 to Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme. The theme also has its own website where you can download your copy and get in touch with developer Richard Shephard.