7 Terrific Free WordPress Tab Plugins

7 Terrific Free WordPress Tab Plugins

Tabbed sections on a website can be very convenient. They allow you to break up a lot of information and put it into one small space. Readers are less overwhelmed that way and therefore more likely to hang around and check out what you have to offer.

The easiest way to get tabbed content in WordPress is with a tabs plugin. Below we will go over the seven best plugins we found to get your content tabbed up.

  • 1. Easy Responsive Tabs

    The Easy Responsive Tab puts a button on your visual editor that opens up a settings panel which allows you easily choose the color for most every aspect of the tab section (see Features below).

    While there’s no easy way change the style, the ability to choose colors from a color picker goes a long way in helping you get something that looks just the way you’d like.

    You can find a demo here.


    • visual editor button
    • easy CSS
    • responsive
    • top or bottom tabs
    • control tab color
    • control tab heading color
    • control active tab color
    • control active tab heading color
    • control tab hover color
    • control tab content bg color
  • 2. WordPress Post Tabs

    This is fairly nice plugin with a number of convenient options, including three different themes and an easy to access spot for CSS changes. It even lets you do things like include or not include navigation links to the next tab (with a “Next” link), and it also lets you control the text on those links, which can come in handy.

    This plugin puts a link into the bottom of the tab box; however, you can turn that off in the settings.


    • responsive
    • visual editor button
    • navigation links
    • styles – 3 colors
    • CSS editor
    • fade effect
  • 3. Post UI Tabs

    The Post UI Tabs plugin gives you visual editor buttons that place shortcodes into your post.

    Perhaps the biggest feature of this plugin is the 24 different colors it comes in. You can select colors on the settings page and also see a preview of what you’ll be getting, which is very handy.

    You can define your own CSS for the tabs; however, it seems a little involved. See instructions on the plugin page.


    • responsive
    • 24 colors
    • navigation links
    • set active tab
    • visual editor button
  • 4. Tabs Shortcode

    This plugin provides very simple, clean-looking tabs. You’ll need to insert shortcodes manually with this plugin. The plugin author provides some attributes you can apply to the tabs, such as giving them the ability to switch open while mousing over instead of clicking.

    Also, while there’s no styling section, the author does provide a sample style sheet you can insert into your theme’s style sheet.


    • responsive
    • collapsible tabs
    • selected tab
    • mouseover to switch
  • 5. Tabby Responsive Tabs

    The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin is a very simple plugin that you use by entering shortcodes manually. There are no settings and no attributes. Basically, you either like what you get or you don’t. As it’s pretty clean looking, it may do for some where a more involved plugin wouldn’t.

    This plugin goes from the traditional tab look on large screens to accordion panels when the screen slips below a certain width.


    • responsive
    • changes to accordions
    • multiple tab sets on a page
  • 6. Fancy Tabs

    The FancyTabs plugin, ironically enough, is not really so fancy – at least not compared to some other tab plugins.

    The content is divided into sections using manually inserted shortcodes. The plugin page mentions an Options page for styling options; however, I wasn’t able to locate one. In any case, the plugin worked for me.


    • responsive
  • 7. Tab Me

    The Tab Me plugin is another simple plugin with no settings and manually inserted shortcodes. Like a few other of the simple options here, it either floats your boat or it doesn’t. If it does, there you go.

    It comes with a tiny blue strip at the top of the open tab. If you’re comfortable with CSS, you can dig into the style sheet and change that.


    • responsive

Who Wins?

Tab Plugins

  • Easy Responsive Tabs:
  • WordPress Post Tabs:
  • Post UI Tabs:
  • Tabs Shortcode:
  • Tabby Responsive Tabs:
  • Fancytabs:
  • Tab Me:

Unless you’re fairly good with CSS, then often with plugins like these, your choice will come down to which one has the look you like. And so even though some of these plugins come with a lot of options, you may find yourself choosing a simpler one simply because of the look.

Or, of course, you may need a certain function that only one has, even though it’s a plugin that doesn’t have the most options.

With all that said, we’re going to give this battle (by a slight margin) to the Easy Responsive Tabs plugin. The main reason for this is because of the ease with which you can change the colors to suit your exact needs.

But again, if you’re just looking for something simple, one of the simplest plugins above may work just as well for you.


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