Free WordPress Theme for Tutorial Writers, Developers, and General Geeks

Free WordPress Theme for Tutorial Writers, Developers, and General Geeks

Earlier this year cssigniter released a very cool, high quality WordPress theme for tutorial writers and developers. This theme especially benefits those who don’t want to spend a lot of time building an attractive website but would rather focus on sharing tutorials and information.

Introducing Euclides:

Built-in Features Include:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Custom post panel and template for demo pages
  • Demo and Download buttons
  • Icons of the most popular scripting languages and technologies (frameworks etc)
  • Icons of the most popular web design tools
  • Custom meta info on post pages for displaying tutorial-related information
  • Related posts and threaded comments

Euclides is highly customized for writing tutorials. However, if you’re writing regular posts, don’t worry. You can still use it as a normal blog theme. While the theme includes 25 icons for all the popular technologies for the web, there’s also a template there for you to create your custom icons. This greatly expands the potential of this theme to be customized for any kind of tutorials or custom content types.

Here’s an example tutorial post:

Related Posts

Euclides also utilizes cssigniter’s popular Custom Post Types Relationships (CPTR) plugin, giving you total control over your related tutorials / posts. It allows you to manually select the related posts, instead of having to depend on an automatic selection:

Check out a full screenshot of the Euclides on cssigniter’s blog post about the theme.

cssigniter offers a really unique theme package. When you purchase a membership, you get access to all of their themes for a year. Additionally, each zip file contains more than just a WordPress theme. You get the exact same theme in plain xhtml and html5 versions along with a matching newsletter template.

Download Euclides for free to see the quality of their work and check out some other cssigniter themes while you’re at it.