40 Impressive (and Free!) WordPress Themes for Freelancers

Showcasing your work beautifully and effectively is an essential part of being a freelancer. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or artist it can be difficult finding the perfect theme.

If you choose any of the themes in this list, you’re sure to make a great impression. Each features a clean, elegant style that display images, writing or digital content prominently. They also integrate well with most shopping cart plugins.

These themes are fully responsive and support all post styles so you will be able to easily display your work and impress your visitors.

Don’t forget these themes are free, too, so you can choose your favourite one even if you’re on a strict budget. So without further adieu, let’s take a look. 

  • Matheson

    Matheson theme

    Matheson sports a large front page feature image as well as big headlines to capture your visitor’s attention. It has clean topography and a layout that really does the trick when it comes to putting your work front and center.

    Combined with the JetPack plugin, this themes allows you to display galleries. It also has many customization options and includes the sticky post and threaded comments features.

  • Syntax

    Syntax theme

    Syntax is a minimalist, professional looking theme designed specifically for writers. It has embellished separator bars, which serve to elevate this theme and add a bit of elegance to an otherwise simple design.

    This theme also allows for large, centered feature images so it can be used for other freelance work other than writing such as photo blogging. It’s a one-column theme that also has quite a few styling options to create your desired look.

  • Match

    Match theme

    Match has larger sans serif fonts to display writing clearly and effectively as well as a large front page featured image. It displays large featured images and thumbnail galleries making this a great theme to display writing or images.

    It includes many customizations, threaded comments, sticky posts and font awesome icons. This theme may have been made for wedding websites, but it’s simple, clean design also makes way for other purposes as well.

  • Aquarius

    Aquarius theme

    If you’re big on personal blogging then the Aquarius theme is well-suited for you. Its style is playful and unique and has only a few customization options, so if you like the theme as it is then you’re all set.

    Its one-column layout provides ample space for text and images to shine, and also includes the sticky post option.

  • Story

    Story theme

    Story is another personal blogging theme with its vibrant and unique styling and layout. It does have color customization options so you can adjust the theme to your particular taste.

    Featured images are displayed larger than most other themes and the theme has a mixture of sans-serif and serif fonts offering a personal look and feel. Threaded comments are included.

  • Openstrap

    Openstrap theme

    Openstrap is a more robust theme full of features for freelancers with more specific needs. It has 11 widget areas and three menus to really help you clearly display your ideas and work.

    It also has a few pre-installed widgets including Google Custom Search and a special front page marketing text areas. It includes four color styles, other basic customizations and sticky posts.

  • Untitled

    Untitled theme

    Untitled has fullwidth featured images and a carousel underneath it that holds a thumbnail for each of your posts, making it a standout theme for freelancers. Its simple design and typography allows your work to flow well once your visitors are captivated by the header image.

    Several customization options are included as are sticky posts. A right sidebar is also supported.

  • Apprise

    Apprise theme

    With Apprise, your posts take center stage as there is no front page feature image by default. You could also opt for a featured or image slider if you’d prefer.

    Several parts of the theme such as the menu and footer have the ability to be any color you choose so you can customize the theme to your specific styling needs. Sidebars are also included among the options along with content boxes and many other features.

  • Ward

    Ward theme

    Ward does a great job using space to its advantage. Posts, images, videos and galleries span across most of the page’s width to keep your visitors’ attention firmly on your posts.

    If JetPack is enabled, so are carousel galleries that open dramatically in a full page light box. Many customization options are included, as are sidebars, sticky posts and threaded comments.

  • Arcade Basic

    Arcade Basic theme

    Arcade has a full page feature image area, but the coolest feature is its animated title which appears to subtly slide in elegantly. It also has a large area to feature a headline to further grab attention.

    The layout is customizable as are many other features of the theme including the front page featured image. Sidebars, sticky posts and threaded comments are also included.

  • Infinite

    Infinite theme

    The infinite theme has the ability to display a full-width front page image slider or you can keep it simple and let your posts be the first thing your visitors see. It’s a clean theme that has the business side of freelance work in mind with its front page content boxes made for expressing your strengths.

    Infinite includes many customization and styling options as well as sidebars and sticky posts.

  • LineDrawing

    LineDrawing theme

    LineDrawing displays your posts first and foremost and relies on large featured images to capture visitors’ attention. It’s a minimalistic theme with a simple line bordering your content with the exception of the right hand side.

    It has simple customization options which is perfectly fine as long as you like the theme’s style and do not wish to change it – with the exception of adding your own logo and menu. It also includes the sticky post feature.

  • Graphy

    Graphy theme

    Graphy is a truly minimalist theme, but is also elegant by design. It clearly displays text and images with a mix of elegant typography and large featured image areas.

    This theme also includes all the basic customization options you need as well as sticky posts and threaded comments. Graphy is a great theme for keeping the focus solely on your words.

  • Wind

    Wind theme

    Wind nicely displays your images in a classy white border alongside a slider with three styles to choose from. It’s a great theme for personal sites, but it’s so highly customizable that you can easily transform it to be focused on the business side of freelancing.

    This theme allows you to completely change the layout and menu position and includes a total of 13 widget areas. Sticky posts and threaded comments are also included.

  • Stargazer

    Stargazer theme

    Stargazer has large, graceful typography and the ability to display vertical features images along with the default horizontal setting. It’s a unique twist to add a bit of uniqueness to your site.

    It has tons of customization options and add-on plugins to further customize this theme. It also includes optional sidebars and threaded comments.

  • Pictorico

    Pictorico theme

    Pictorico is a beautiful theme that displays posts in a thumbnail gallery format with sleek animations included. It has a unique slider for the front page that partially shows the non-visible slides on either sides of the visible one which compliments the gallery-style posts very well.

    It’s a one column theme with sticky posts and many styling options perfect for anyone who wishes to boldly display images. Writers won’t feel left out with large typography, which is as bold as the layout.

  • Espied

    Espied theme

    Espied uniquely has a full page gallery option making it primarily a very effective portfolio theme. The thumbnails are large and in charge, grabbing the attention of your visitors easily and effectively.

    This theme includes all the basic customization options and also sticky posts.

  • Independent Publisher

    Independent Publisher theme

    Independent Publisher is definitely a theme for writers first and foremost with its layout heavily focused on the written word. Photographers, artists and designers need not feel left out.

    This theme has stunning featured images that are anything but easily ignored as they stretch from the very top of the page and are 540px in height.

    Sticky posts and threaded comments are among the basic features including the necessary styling options.

  • Sahagin

    Sahagin theme

    Sahagin has a bit of a bohemian vibe to it styled after its bolder parent theme, Saga. Its soft color scheme gives a warm and welcoming background to its large featured post images.

    If you’re not a fan of the color scheme you can definitely change that in the basic theme options. This theme also has threaded comments included.

  • Quintus

    Quintus theme

    Quintus manages to have a personal, yet elegant appeal to it with its simple and warm design. It features text as easily as it does images, but it’s better suited for writers as images aren’t displayed as prominently as other themes.

    You can completely customize the style to better fit your needs. You can also keep this as a one column theme or add a right-handed sidebar. You also have the option to use sticky posts.

  • Origami

    Origami theme

    Origami is a simple theme with minimal styling, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it can’t be customized. This theme includes a page builder to the visual editor that lets you easily customize an entire page’s layout from the featured image and grids to buttons and call to action boxes.

    It displays text well and also includes beautiful masonry gallery options. A slider and threaded comments are also among the included features.

  • Parabola

    Parabola theme

    Parabola is a professional looking theme by default, but it comes with 14 equally beautiful color schemes that are well balanced. Its slider has subtle animations that adds a playful elegance to this theme.

    It’s also highly customizable. You can change just about everything and you can also create your very own color scheme if the pre-made ones don’t suit your needs. It’s a wonderful theme that won’t leave a parabolic effect on your visitors’ interest.

  • Multiloquent

    Multiloquent theme

    Multiloquent features a masonry-style grid to display posts with a touch of animation added for extra flair. The animation is unique in that it has a slightly translucent colored layer that slides away to reveal the featured image for the post.

    It also has a menu and a sidebar that’s revealed once the hamburger icon is clicked leaving your posts in the center of attention. It also has sticky posts and the basic styling options included.

  • Portfolio Press

    Portfolio Press theme

    The Portfolio Press theme is – you guessed it – a theme primarily made for portfolio sites. If you need to you can edit the layout to suit your needs. It’s a great theme with a simple, but elegant and professional design.

    Posts are displayed in gallery view right on the front page so there’s no time wasted in showing off your great work. It also has all the regular theme options so you can make the site your own.

  • Unite

    Unite theme

    Unite was made as a wedding theme, but it can easily be adapted with love to use for any purpose with its elegant design. If you’re not a fan of the purple color scheme you can change it to any color you wish to really make it fit to your needs.

    It includes a built-in image slider, special front page widgets, great theme options and threaded comments. You can even enable infinite scroll when you have Jetpack activated.

  • Umbra

    Umbra theme

    Umbra is an interesting theme as it’s aligned to the left of the page rather than being centered. Still, it’s a great looking theme that proudly displays your avatar to help your audience better connect with you and your work.

    What’s the coolest thing about Umbra? Its color scheme changes to complement your featured images so your site will look stylish no matter what kind of photos you upload.

    You can also choose the color scheme yourself for a more consistent look as well. This theme also includes sticky posts, threaded comments and all your basic theme styling options.

  • Penscratch

    Penscratch theme

    Penscratch is a clean theme in both style and coding. It features both text and images well and allows for thumbnail galleries.

    While it’s not robust in features and options, it does have a focus on content. At the end of the day, that’s really the only feature you need the most.

  • Tempera

    Tempera theme

    Tempera has so many customization options it might as well be a color picker. Even so it’s not too difficult to get through all the options successfully.

    Some of the features include 12 total widget areas, over 50 fonts, eight layouts, sticky posts, threaded comments and the ability to completely customize the theme colors.

    It’s a great theme out of the box that you easily make even better to suit your tastes.

  • iRibbon

    iRibbon theme

    iRibbon is named for its titles and menus, which are displayed inside an image of a ribbon giving it a unique and interesting retro style. It also includes a slider and front page content boxes for further promoting your work.

    It has a drag and drop editor to make editing this theme quick and simple. It’s a highly customizable theme with sticky posts included to help make your site as compelling as your writing and images.

  • Ryu

    Ryu theme

    Ryu really puts the adage “go big or go home” into practice with its extra-large post titles and featured images. Large fonts for paragraph text not only allows for easy reading, but also serves to add elegance to the otherwise minimal theme.

    Image posts are shown on the front page with an automatic background color picker that will choose a complimentary color to show behind your image. It adds a fun splash of color and looks amazing.

    It supports sticky posts and has quite a few theme options as well. It would be rather difficult to make your site look horrible. It’s just that good.

  • Sorbet

    Sorbet theme

    Sorbet reminds me of summer with its pops of color reminiscent of ice cream flavors like strawberry and chocolate mint – Oops, sorry! – I meant sorbet flavors.

    The soft-colored background compliments all the different colors rimming the tops of posts preventing this theme from looking overwhelming.

    Buttons trigger drop down menus in the header when they’re clicked to help keep this theme neat and tidy with the focus being on your posts and galleries.

    There are quite a few theme options included along with the sticky post feature. Sorbet is a lovely, fun theme on its own, but if you’re wondering, the colors can be changed to better suit your needs.

  • GK Portfolio

    GK Portfolio theme

    GK Portfolio is an elegant theme that’s great for most freelance purposes other than just as a portfolio. It’s front page features an animated post gallery that places focus directly on your posts in a very impressive looking way.

    It has clear typography to help with improved readability and all the main theme options – not that this theme really needs any extra customizations. It also supports sticky posts and threaded comments.

  • Intergalactic

    Intergalactic theme

    Intergalactic features posts and images like no other theme on this list. Each post’s featured image is displayed full-width along with a large title and button. It looks amazing and also serves to grab attention instantly.

    You can also include gallery images that are viewable in a light box when JetPack is enabled. Your standard theme options are available if you feel you need to make some tweaks, but this theme is wonderful out of the box.

    Intergalactic also has the largest site title of any theme I’ve ever seen. If your goal is to make a huge first impression, this theme will help you do just that.

  • Besty

    Besty theme

    Besty is another theme that has its content set to align on the left-hand side of the page. In the background is a full page featured image to help bring the focus to the heart of your chosen subject.

    On the blog page posts are displayed in a masonry-style layout with slightly larger thumbnails. The main page’s background is still visible, but darkened to make text and images easily viewable.

    Besty also includes your basic styling options and sticky posts to help you achieve your desired look.

  • Metro CreativeX

    Metro CreativeX theme

    Metro CreativeX is a colorful theme despite its black background. Each post type has its own title background color which helps make them stand out immediately.

    If you like to post brilliantly colourful images then this theme will really help them stand out in a big way. If you’re not a huge fan of the color scheme, there are a few other ones you can choose from.

    There are a few other basic theme options included as well as threaded comments.

  • Pinboard

    Pinboard theme

    Pinboard is an elegant and professional theme that has clear fonts and a masonry grid to display posts. The layout is very clean, but this theme is plentiful in options so you can customize the layout to your wildest imaginings. It really has that many layout possibilities.

    Pinboard allows you to display galleries, sticky posts and threaded comments. It’s a great theme for posting writing and images alike.

  • Klasik

    Klasik theme

    Klasik is a clean and professional theme with six widget areas for the front page to help you showcase your work and best qualities. It also has a full-width slider with animated captions.

    Its design is best suited for those who wish to focus more heavily on the business side of the freelance world.

  • Nulis

    Nulis theme

    Nulis is a great theme namely for writers as its one column theme and large, bold post titles help to center focus on text. Its menu is neatly tucked away to prevent visual clutter.

    It also has a large, front page featured image to further grab a visitor’s attention. The color scheme is customizable along with other basic theme options to help you make your site uniquely you. Threaded comments and sticky posts are included, too.

  • Base WP

    Base WP theme

    Base WP has a soft look to it with its thinner sans-serif fonts and light-colored background. Even in its simplicity, it’s able to display images and text well giving an overall look of quiet elegance.

    Simple theme options are included as are sticky posts. You can also choose to keep the default sidebar intact or you can change the layout to be one column to help focus more attention on your posts.

  • Byblos

    Byblos theme

    Byblos has a full-page slider for the front page with large fonts that lets your image and writing shine as if there were a spotlight shining right on it. Scrolling down reveals a masonry grid of all posts and they’re animated, too.

    It’s also easily customizable with a few key theme options available. It’s a simple one column theme that is still able to make a grand first impression.

Which ones are your favourite? Did I miss any of them? Let me know in the comments below.