Post Your Status to Your Website with the Free WPMU DEV Status Plugin

Post Your Status to Your Website with the Free WPMU DEV Status Plugin

Posting a link on Facebook is pretty awesome. You can’t really beat the way that Facebook parses a link, feeding through the image and description of that link. Like this:

wpmu dev facebook post

Wouldn’t it be nice to do just that on your WordPress website? Or even across your Multisite Network? Well, now you can – and easily, with the WPMU DEV Status plugin. Check it out in action!

Install the plugin and check out the new widget on your dashboard:

quick status dashboard widget

Insert your link to see it parsed:

Quick status link parsing

Check it out on your blog:

Status link parsed to front page

You can download it now for free from WPMU DEV!

Status Premium

We also have a premium version of the plugin for WPMU DEV Members and for anyone who wants to pay $39 for the extra functionality. With the premium version of the plugin you don’t have to be in your dashboard, you can post your status from your homepage as well:

status plugin

In fact, you can post it from any page on your site.

Here’s the difference between the free version and the premium version:

Grab it now from the WPMU DEV homepage!

(header image CC license Outsanity Photos)

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