12 Unusual WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard About

12 Unusual WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard About

WordPress plugins just for fun?

Sure! We’re not always all serious and focused on “let’s get the job done”! Why should WordPress be any different? There are loads of fun WordPress plugins to be found in the plugin repository; likely even more by searching Google.

Every once in a while, I come across a little gem that can be puzzling, just loads of fun or sometimes downright mind-boggling. This article proposes 12 such plugins created so you can add that fun factor to your site or blog.

Go ahead and grab any one, or all of them. Watch out though, if you have comment moderation turned on, you may be in for a flood of email in the days ahead!

If you know of any other crazy, mind-boggling or just plain fun WordPress plugins, please add them to the comments below. Thanks!

Barrel Roll – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Barrel RollYou may or may not have noticed the cool little effect that Google added to their search page a while back: you can make the whole page rotate 360° simply by entering the text “barrel roll” (without quotes) in the search field. Well, this little plugin enables you to add that little trick to your WordPress site just for the fun of it.

Simply activate the plugin on your site and, when your users enter “barrel roll” in any text field… wheeee! It works just fine in comments, and BuddyPress updates too.

Mind Reader – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Mind ReaderThis one is really weird, in a fun and mind-boggling sense :) I first came across a puzzler like this at 1-800-Got-Junk. I got stuck on that page for several long minutes trying to figure out how it works… and got nowhere.

Now, there’s a WordPress plugin that re-creates that puzzler on your site or blog to freak out your users! Here’s how it works:

  • Think of a number with 2 digits (ex: 96)
  • Subtract from this number its 2 digits (96 – 9 -6 = 81 )
  • Find the symbol that corresponds to this number
  • Concentrate on the symbol and click on the magic square… SHAZAM! Your symbol appears without fail!

Asteroids Widget – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Asteroids WidgetFor those of you who are nostalgic for the days of classic arcade games, there’s Asteroids for your WordPress site. However, this WordPress plugin puts a really fun twist on the game: instead of driving a little spaceship around the screen and shooting asteroids that fly by, users can shoot and destroy stuff on your pages! That’s right, your users can literally destroy elements on any page: paragraphs, titles, avatars, ads, etc. There’s even a point counter at the bottom of the page! Don’t worry, everything comes back to normal after a page change or refresh.

Once the plugin is activated, simply add the Asteroids widget to your sidebar (it has a bunch of display options), or use the shortcode in any post or page to create a “Play” button.

CAPTCHA Garb – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Captcha GarbIf you’re tired of the plain old text CAPTCHAs, you may want to give Captcha Garb a try; it’s a fun alternative! Adding a twist to the idea of image captchas, the images are actually little puzzles that a post commenter must solve. The images are split into 4 pieces that can be dragged and dropped to solve the puzzle. The 58 captcha images included are loaded randomly, and you can even upload your own too.

MyPuzzle Sliding – Download

MyPuzzle Jigsaw – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - MyPuzzle Sliding Fun WordPress plugins - MyPuzzle JigsawThese are 2 fun little time-wasters for your users. Like the names suggest, they enable you to add sliding or jigsaw puzzles to your WordPress posts or pages. The neat thing is you can use your own images. For example, imagine using your users avatars as puzzles on their author pages. Now there’s a novel way to help your members get to know each other a bit better!

DoppelMe Avatars – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - DoppelMe AvatarsThis plugin can be a somewhat silly, yet fun addition to your BuddyPress arsenal. Then again, if you’re running a very lighthearted site, or really want to allow your users to remain as anonymous as can be, it may be ideal for you. It enables your users to create, on-the-fly, DoppelMe avatars right from their BuddyPress profile. It’s a brand-new plugin and has only one drawback as it is now: it completely overrides all other avatar options. If enabled, users cannot upload their own, or use Gravatars. I’ve requested additional features in their support forum at http://partner.doppelme.com/, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Hello Darth – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Hello DarthThis one is for all you Star Wars aficionados, fans & geeks out there. We all know about the “Hello Dolly” plugin that comes gift-wrapped with every installation of WordPress, right? You know the one: it displays random quotes from Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong in your admin area. Well, this is pretty much the same thing, with one big awesome difference in awesomeness: ya get quotes from Darth Vader hisself! How awesome is that, you ask? It’s pretty darned awesome, I say!

He’s Dead, Jim – Download

Make It So – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - He's Dead, Jim & Make It SoWell, I couldn’t leave out these goodies for trekkies, now could I? Like Hello Dolly and Hello Darth above, these 2 display famous random quotes in your WordPress admin. But this time, those quotes are from Star Trek (the original series) and Next Generation, respectively. “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer, dammit!”.

Vertical Rater – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - Vertical raterThis is another brand-new plugin that offers a unique alternative to rating stuff with rows of stars, thumbs, etc. It displays ratings in a vertical fashion using either a thermometer (great for rating members/authors on a dating site!), stars (yep, there they are), balls (?) and more in an upcoming premium version (yes, there’s that too).

Reverberation – Download

Fun WordPress plugins - ReverberationThis plugin gives you a cool and easy way to share your favorite new music with your users. With a simple shortcode generator in the visual editor of any page or post, you can insert a player with titles from any ReverbNation artist. The player is compact and fast, and you can create shortcodes to play singles or playlists. You can even display a Google map with the locations and schedule of upcoming shows. Now, how cool is that?

Photo credit: Flickr.com