Fund Your Passion Project with Fundraiser

Fund Your Passion Project with Fundraiser

Have you got a project you really want to get off the ground but just don’t have the cash to get it going? Or maybe you’re a good Samaritan who wants to raise money for a good cause?

WPMU DEV’s Fundraising plugin allows you to raise cash yourself on your WordPress site without having to pay some third-party site to do it for you. You get total control over all aspects of your fundraising.

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It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to kickstart a project or raise funds. Sending people away from your site can lose you valuable donations so it makes sense to keep visitors and donations on your WordPress site. Fundraising is the perfect way to do just that.

Paul Mendoza from our video team has put together this awesome walkthrough on how to set up your very own Fundraising site:

In this quick and informative video, Paul has a great idea for a time machine – but needs the funds to make his dream a reality.

The video compares big fundraising sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo with our Fundraising plugin and outlines the benefits of raising money directly from your own site.

Our members have used Fundraising for all kinds of worthy causes.

Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration asks visitors to its site for a one-off donation – using Fundraising – to help fund the group’s work.

Going Beyond Borders, a non-profit organization committed to providing ongoing relief to people around the world, has raised $40,002 towards its $250,000 goal for a Kenyan Community Hospital.

Romanian rights blog Blogary uses Fundraising to collect donations for the site’s upkeep.

Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration accepts one-off pledges on its site to fund the organisation’s work in strengthening diversity and inclusion in the community through the music and dance of Bhangra.

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