Fundraise on WordPress And Facebook With WePay

Fundraise on WordPress And Facebook With WePay

(the first part on the payment tools that WePay offers can be found here)

Fundraising And Taking Donations On Your WordPress Site Made Easy.
When The Cash You Need Is Just Out Of Reach.

It’s not only businesses that need money.  Charities and other non-profits need cash inflows just as badly, but sadly, have fewer options for getting it.  There are really two ways that do-gooders can get money from interested parties.  The first is to throw an event in which they can collect money from attendees.  The other is to solicit donations directly. Both are tried and true methods that work as well online as offline.

For the WordPress user, there are already a number of great plugins that help you to organize events and take donations.  However, if you would like options that allow you to manage the entire process, are incredibly simple to use, and you can use to get started right away, WePay provides two great tools.   The Events tool allows you to create and sell tickets to your own shindigs while the Donations tool lets you create a fundraising campaign and collect donations.  For more general info on how to get started with WePay, check out this earlier article.


The Events tool is intended to allow you to advertise for an event, sell tickets to it, and maintain an accurate headcount.   Like all WePay tools, its great strength is in ease of use.  All of the controls are relatively intuitive and you do not have to leave the site to configure it (except to embed it on your website).  As WePay is a payment processor, you do not have to worry about dealing with other irritating payment portals (cough, cough, PayPal).

Sell Tickets And Promote Your Events With's Tool
Sell Tickets And Promote Your Events With's Tool

To get started, you fill out the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of the event that you want to create.  Then you have to create the ticket type(s) that you will be selling, including their names, description, prices (you can also make it free), quantities, and selling dates.

Having created the event, you can begin to promote it.  They make it easy to post to Facebook and Twitter, share by email, or list it on WePay’s Events directory page.   They also generate a  “Register” button for you that you can add to your site (it is a simple JavaScript code snippet that you can add to your WordPress site’s page/post HTML).  After users begin signing up (read this to learn more about what they will have to do), you can review your Guest List, manually add guests if you would like, and download the results to a .csv for the day itself.


The Donations tools is an incredibly simple and flexible tool that is designed to supplant PayPal donation buttons by being more attractive and user-friendly (and developer friendly).   Take a look below to see a demo video with a inspirational, fragile, and beautiful soundtrack that demonstrates how the Donations tools works:

To get started taking donations with WePay, you have to first create a fundraising campaign.  That requires you to just:

  1. Name your campaign, add an image or video, describe your campaign, and create a campaign end date
  2. Set a fundraising goal and suggested donation.
Make It Easy To Fundraise Through Your Social Network
Money Doesn't Just Fall From The Sky...

Once the fundraising campaign is configured, you can publish the campaign (which automatically generates a Donations page) and are ready to start promoting your Donations page.  First, decide whether you would like to enable or disable Facebook commenting on your Donation page, promote the store on WePay’s donations page directory, or publicly display a list of donors.  Then you can go ahead and post the launch of your campaign to Facebook and Twitter or share it by email. You can also use one of their applications to create a .pdf poster for your campaign which is downloadable and features a QR code.

To install donation buttons for your campaign on your site, simply paste the widget code they provide in the HTML section of your WordPress website’s posts/pages.  You can also embed a progress bar alongside your donation button, to display how your campaign is going.  In addition, they have added a number of options to allow you to get the most out of your donations: you can choose whether to arecurring donations, or allow anonymous donations (only you can see donor’s name).  For those of you looking to write Thank You notes afterwards, you can also track who donated to your campaign.

One of the coolest features is the way that WePay allows you to take donations on your Facebook page.  If you create a Facebook page/campaign for your cause, you don’t have to just take then refer people to an off-site payment portal to have them give to your cause; you can just have them perform the transaction on the Facebook page itself.  To install it is easy enough: once you have published your campaign on Facebook, just head to the Promote tab and click on the button to allow WePay to install the Donations tool to your Facebook page.  It will display automatically.  Take a look below to see what the Facebook Donation page looks like.

WePay Allows You To Promote Your Cause And Raise Funds on Facebook.
A Screenshot Sample Of WePay's Facebook Donation Page