Get a Handle on WordPress Comments with Comments Control

There is a very annoying little message that WordPress displays when a user posts consecutive comments from the same IP address: ‘You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.’ If you’ve ever encountered it and wanted to turn it off, now is your chance.

Comments Control is a new, very simple plugin for WordPress multisite. It changes the way WordPress handles comments from the same IP address.

Comments Control features:

  • Apply comment throttling to logged out users only and not logged in users.
  • Whitelist IP address so that the time limit between consecutive comments isn’t applied to logged out users from that IP address
  • Blacklist IP addresses if you want to prevent comments from a specific IP address

Here’s the dashboard screen where you can easily whitelist or blacklist specific IP addresses:

Essentially the Comments Control plugin ensures that your blog commenters will not have to experience the frustration of nagging notices when posting multiple comments from the same IP address. Little plugins like this can make a huge difference when you’re responsible for posting and managing content and comments from a massive WordPress Multisite network. Download Comments Control today from WPMU Dev.