Get Fixes to Annoying WordPress Bugs Quickly with the Hotfix Plugin

Tired of waiting for the next WordPress core release in order to get fixes to annoying WordPress bugs? Now you can get your hands on bug fixes early with the new Hotfix plugin.

Hotfix was created by WordPress core developer Mark Jaquith, partly to fix a rare bug that came with some security fixes in 3.0.5, but also in hopes of fixing selected future non-critical bugs as well. However, it is important to note:

This does not mean you can stop updating WordPress! It just means that you’ll get fixes faster.

All you need to do to use Hotfix is install and activate it. The fixes applied will be based on which version of WordPress you’re using. It’s entirely possible that your version may not need any fixes, but you’re advised to keep the plugin activated just in case future versions require early bug fixes. Make sure to keep the plugin up to date and upgrade it every time it asks you to do so.

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