Get Involved With the Google Summer of Code

Get Involved With the Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code logoSummer is coming. That means longer days, bright sunshine, trips to the beach, sunglasses, summer dresses, ice-cream, sun-tan lotion, and the sound of hundreds of coding enthusiasts eagerly tap-tap-tapping on their computers. That’s right, Google’s Summer of Code has launched and applications are now being accepted from students. The summer of code is a mentoring scheme in which experts from across the open source community pass on their knowledge. As the most popular open-source CMS it’s no suprise that WordPress is taking part.  Over twenty mentors from the core community are acting as mentors so it’s a great opportunity to get some fantastic hands-on learning.

As well as contributing to the WordPress web app, students are also able to get involved with the mobile apps (iOS, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile), plugins such as BuddyPress and bbPress, and community tools such as GlotPress.

Although anyone can apply for the Summer of Code, the WordPress page does specify that they are interested in taking students who already have some WordPress coding experience – and preference will be given to people who have submitted one core patch or one plugin to the repository. They don’t want to have to spend time at the beginning of the project teaching students about WordPress coding practices.

Some things from WordPress to get you started:

  • The ideas page on the Codex (includes list of potential mentors).
  • The developer maling list, wp-hackers.
  • The active development cycle blog: wpdevel.
  • Official announcements blog at
  • Tracking for all development tickets: Trac
  • Development IRC channel at, channel #wordpress-dev.
  • The GSoC-specific IRC channel at, channel #wordpress-gsoc.
  • Application template.

If you’d like to get involved and don’t have the experience then now is a good time to get yourself up to speed for the Google Summer of Code 2012!