Get More Comments on Your WordPress Site with Comments Plus

When it comes to designing your comment form, convenience is absolutely key. If a user is required to create an account with your site before they can comment, you might as well ask them to fetch you a beer from the moon. It’s probably not going to happen. However, if you can give them the option to comment with an account they’ve already set up, then you will be much more likely to get some interaction.

Comments+ has come a looong way and we want you to try it absolutely FREE!FIND OUT MORE

That’s why we wrote Comments Plus for It gives users the ability to comment via Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress IDs.

After we started using this plugin on, we had quite a few readers ask how to implement it. Today we’re delighted to release Comments Plus so that you can get the exact same commenting convenience on your own site.

Features of Comments Plus:

  • This plugin effectively allows you to combine comments from all these different services, rather than picking just one
  • If users choose Facebook or Twitter, their comments are posted by default to their own accounts, give your site some extra exposure!
  • Fully integrated with subscribe by email for Facebook and Google
  • Works beautifully with any theme (and if you have any issues we’ll help you to get it working with your theme)

Want to test it out? Just leave a comment below using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress ID.

You’ll need to have a Twitter and Facebook app set up to enable commenting through those services, but it’s very easy and the plugin guides you through the process.

Comments Plus will inspire more comments on your WordPress site, giving you vital feedback and promoting user interaction. Once you have it installed, commenting becomes irresistibly easy when a user doesn’t have to sign up for an account. Not only will Comments Plus boost interaction on your site, it will also attract new visitors as you gain extra exposure on major social networks. Download it today!

Comments+ has come a looong way and we want you to try it absolutely FREE!FIND OUT MORE