Get Pretty HTML Emails For WordPress With the Free WP Better Emails Plugin

Get Pretty HTML Emails For WordPress With the Free WP Better Emails Plugin

One of the very first interactions you have with your site visitors and members is the emails they receive. I think we can all agree that the default WordPress emails are very unattractive.

Awhile back, we posted 4 Plugins that Enable Your WordPress Site to Send HTML Emails but none of those are quite as impressive as the new WP Better Emails plugin. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to customize a good looking HTML template for all WP default plain/text emails.

WP Better Emails Features:

  • WP Better Emails comes with a default simple and clean template that has been tested on various and popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Live, AOL, Outlook, Apple Mail and many more. This to ensure your emails will always display nicely in your recipient mailbox. But you can of course design your own.
  • Set your own sender name and email address.
  • WP Better Emails lets you send sample emails to test and preview your own custom template.
  • All emails sent by this plugin are as ‘multipart’ so email clients that don’t support HTML can read them.
  • You can include some variables in your template such as your blog URL, blog name, blog description, admin email or date and time. They will all be replaced when sending the email.
  • The default template is included as an HTML file in the plugin folder (wpbe_template.html.html), feel free to edit it with your favorite editor.

Use HTML Emails for Improved Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Using the template editor, pictured above, you can easily add in your site’s logo to better brand your emails. Add in advertising blocks or banners to promote events or new features. You may even want to tack on a few links to useful and important information. WP Better Emails comes with an attractive default template, so that even if you don’t have the HTML skills to make any changes, you can still have a clean design. Simply install and activate, input your sender name and email, and you’ll instantly get better looking emails.