Get your site in the WPMU DEV showcase, and enjoy a 75% discount off your next membership :)

So, we’ve got some funky new changes coming your way at WPMU DEV, and one of them is going to be a showcase of great sites that have used WPMU DEV.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a theme, a plugin, or our support… all we need from you is a link to your site, and some information about what plugins / themes / support stuff you have used.

And if your site is selected (and we’re aiming to select rather a lot!) we’ll give you a special personal coupon for 75% off your next membership, sound like a deal?

[not to mention the link juice and extra exposure you’ll get too!]

So to submit your site, either leave a comment below, or send it through the contact form.

Here’s lookin’ at you :)