Get Your WordPress Blog Visitors Smiling With WP Grins

Get Your WordPress Blog Visitors Smiling With WP GrinsEmoticons – you love them or you hate them. But either way, they are here to stay.

If you are anything like me, you might wish to make it easier for your blog’s visitors to express their true emotions (I’m all about the emotions). That is where WP Grins comes in. It is a free plugin that places clickable emoticons just above your comments form. And it is probably the most straightforward plugin you could ever wish to handle.

Just install this bad boy on your blog, and the clickable emoticons will immediately be available for your visitors’ delectation.

WP Grins In Action
WP Grins In Action

Now I tend to get very fussy about plugins when it comes to my own blogs, and I also tend to get very frustrated when formatting/placement cannot easily be altered through a plugin’s settings. So you might color me irritated by a complete lack of a settings screen for WP Grins – and yet, I find myself instilled with a sense of peace. The plugin does exactly what it says, and presents itself in such a way that you would find hard to pick fault with.

So why not fire up this plugin on your own blog and get your visitors smiling?