Glider: A Free Minimalist Theme for WordPress

If you’re looking for a minimalist WordPress theme that is 100% focused on typography and content, you’re going to be a big fan of the free Glider theme. This is by no means your average WordPress blog design. Glider is a simple, one-template-file responsive theme.

Tom Creighton designed and developed the Glider theme to provide a seamless reading experience with no page loads and no interruptions while accessing content.

Check out a live demo and click the arrow to see the post menu. The theme also supports arrow key navigation, so you can use your keyboard to get back to the menu.

Glider in a Nutshell:

As you can see, this is not your typical WordPress theme. How does it work? Creighton uses a unique technique to simplify the display of the content and strip out all the extras.

Glider uses/abuses jQuery’s handy .load() function to essentially load itself, strip out everything but the post content, then drop that back into itself, all behind the scenes. This allows the entire theme layout + JS to exist in one file, making for easy tweaks, typeface changes, etc..

This theme is especially fitting for infrequent bloggers and those who don’t need to provide an extensive archive. Download Glider for free from its project page on github. Use it as it is with no frills or modify it to suit your needs. Many thanks to Tom Creighton for making Glider available to the community.