Global tag and category RSS feeds

Global tag and category RSS feeds

Would you like to have global (i.e. site wide) RSS feeds for every tag and category on your WordPress MU site?

Cool, well this plugin does exactly that for you :)


Just make sure you have our post indexer plugin installed and then drop this plugin into /wp-content/.

Now, if someone on writes a post and tags or categorizes it ‘politics’ and someone on also write a posts and tag or categorizes it as ‘politics’ – now both of their posts will appear in

Neat huh :)

And you can do that for any tag or category on the entire site.

Simply edit this formula to suit your requirements: http://yourdomain.tld/wp-content/tag-feed.php?tag=TAG

The global / site wide RSS tag and category feed plugin can be downloaded by WPMU DEV Premium Members here.