Global Tag Cloud Plugin

Global Tag Cloud Plugin

NB This post is actually by Deanna Schneider – not James

The global tag cloud plugin is a widget and shortcode that allows users to display the tag cloud from any blog in the site on any other blog in the site. Why would you want to do this you ask? Well, we use this in conjunction with Donncha’s sitewide tags plugin to generate a sitewide tag cloud without touching any code.  And, because the widget allows you to pull from any blog, we’re not limited to having the sitewide tags plugin posting to the main blog.

In addition, you can use the shortcode to generate a customized tag cloud. While WPMU has a built-in shortcode for tag clouds, it takes no parameters. This  tag cloud can take the following parameters:

  1. smallest=[number]
  2. largest=[number]
  3. unit=[pt|px|em|%]
  4. number=[number]
  5. format=[flat|list]
  6. orderby=[name|count]
  7. order=[ASC|DESC|RAND]
  8. exclude=[csv of tags to exclude]
  9. include=[csv of tags to include]
  10. blogid = [numeric id of blog to highlight – defaults to current blog id]

Configuring the widget is simple. Just fill in the ID of the blog you wish to highlight, and fill in the rest of the relevant information.

The settings above result in a tag cloud that looks something like so:

If you’d like to use the widget to direct people to a larger tag cloud, fill in the slug for the tag cloud page. The “More” link will appear in your widget, linked to your tag cloud page.  On the tag cloud page, drop in the shortcode [cets_tag_cloud blogid=1], and watch the magic.

Download the code.