Gmail, splogs and WordPress MU

Gmail, splogs and WordPress MU

Is anyone else out there in WPMU-land getting increasingly freaking annoyed by gmail and their utterly lax approach to sploggers?

I mean… I love gmail, in my personal and professional life, I wouldn’t dream of even recommending – yet alone using – another email client.

But unfortunately that seems to be the way that sploggers – people who set up spammy or automated blogs on sites like Edublogs – also seem to feel.

You can literally look through our registration logs every morning and see that, despite the various published (and unpublished) counter measures we’re employing, there will always be a pretty regular appearance of splogs… and they are *almost always*( set up by users with gmail accounts.

Now, I’m not proposing any sort of solution, or even saying that ther eis any sort of easy fix… but the guys at Google have gotta be smart enough to figure out a pattern / approach to this and we’d be more than happy to share infor4mation about gmail sploggers with them if it’d help.