Google+ Plugin now with BuddyPress and Post Format Support

Google+ Plugin now with BuddyPress and Post Format Support

Yes, that’s right, you did read the title of that post correctly – the WPMU DEV Google+ plugin now supports Post Formats and BuddyPress. I know that sounds awesome, but what does it mean?

Post Format Support

A few weeks back we announced that our Google+ plugin would now be integrated with Google Pages. Since then, followers of me on Google+ have noticed me posting some random posts to test our plugin. These included hashtags. Everyone thought I’d figured out some crafty way of posting from WordPress to G+ (no kids, that’s still not possible).

Posting an image on G+ with an #image hashtag

The hint was in the #hashtag. As with many G+ plugins you can import posts with a specific hashtag. But with the WPMU DEV G+ plugin you can map specific hashtags on to specific post formats.

the G+ post format settings on the WP dashboard

Because I have no imagination I used the name of the post format for the hashtag but you can use whatever hashtag you want.

G+ post imported as image post format

This means that it’s not longer just about blogging from G+ to WordPress, you are all set up to TUMBLOG from G+ to WordPress. If that’s not a sexy trick I don’t know what is.

BuddyPress Support

On our last update of the G+ Plugin one of our astute commenters suggested making the plugin work with the BuddyPress Activity Stream. We thought that was a great idea so we’ve built that in to the latest update.

Once you have installed and activated BuddyPress you’ll get some new BuddyPress settings on the Google+ options page:

the Google+ Plugin BuddyPress options

You can choose whether to import your G+ posts as BuddyPress activities or as posts, or both!

the  image post on the BuddyPress activity stream

Now it’s easy for you to integrate your G+ profile and page with your BuddyPress community – meaning you can post to G+ and to BuddyPress at the same time.

Got any more suggestions for the plugin? Let us know! We’re really enjoying developing the plugin and your suggestions help to make it even better.

You can download the WPMU  DEV G+ Plugin for free directly from WPMU DEV or from the WordPress plugin directory.