Google Summer of Code WordPress Project Blogs Are Up and Running

Google Summer of Code is in full swing again with 12 exciting projects underway. Participants accepted to the program were announced last week:

  • WordPress File Uploader Upgrade
  • Language Packs
  • Document Revisions
  • LocalStorage drafts backup
  • Enhanced emails
  • Threaded Comments
  • Extending WP Webservices
  • Refresh Android app UI
  • Full-Throttle Trac Annihilation
  • Full-Throttle Trac Annihilation
  • WordPress Move
  • Template Versioning

The student blog is also back up again where you can find student updates and questions, community response and advice. Also, each project description is linked on the student blog page, in case you want to follow its individual progress more closely. We’re looking forward to a lot of great improvements to WordPress from the summer of code and we’ll keep you updated on all the news.