Grab Yourself a Copy of WordPress for Android 1.4

Grab Yourself a Copy of WordPress for Android 1.4

Android users will be please to learn that the latest version of WordPress for Android has just been released. Check out the new features:

Post Scheduling

It’s now possible to schedule the publication of your posts and your pages. You can also tweak and fiddle with the posts that you’ve already scheduled.

Post Password

Add post passwords to protect your content. Enter the password before you publish and keep your content hidden from prying eyes.

HTTP Authentication Support

If your self-hosted WordPress website is protected by HTTP authentication you can now access it using your Authentication credentials.

Other Changes

  • Added secure password storage to the local database.
  • ‘Unapproved’ comments now have a yellow tint.
  • Added ‘Today’ option in stats.
  • Fixed crash when alert dialog was trying to be shown after the app was closed.
  • Fixed crash related to large post ID values.

WordPress for Android is contributed to by members of the WordPress Community. If you want to get involved with future features check out the Developer blog.

So go grab your copy from the Android MarketPlace.