Graph Paper Press Jumps Into Responsive WordPress Themes

Our friends at Graph Paper Press have completely redesigned their site to support HTML5 & CSS3 and are officially entering the world of responsive WordPress themes.

Graph Paper Press will be making all of their new themes responsive, which means that they will respond well to browsers on mobiles devices. They will also be updating a few of their older themes in the process. Here’s an example of the current site, resized for various devices:

Graph Paper Press has secretly been re-writing their Base Theme Framework and its various child themes to support HTML5 and CSS3. To celebrate stepping into responsive themes, they’ve released 100 coupons for 30% off Annual and Developer subscriptions. Signup using the code: RESPONSIVE.

Word on the street is that they’re also releasing a free responsive, HTML5 WordPress theme sometime this week. We’ll be posting about it here, so make sure to get subscribed and follow @wpmuorg on Twitter for all the latest.