GroupDeals Officially Launches Groupon Clone for WordPress

GroupDeals Officially Launches Groupon Clone for WordPress

If you’ve been waiting for Groupon style group buying functionality for WordPress, your opportunity has arrived! A couple of months ago I wrote an article on the beta for the new Group Deals plugin for WordPress. Group Deals has officially launched and is now available for purchase on its own website.

The plugin is launching with tons more features than were included in the beta. It was designed to work with WordPress and the WP E-Commerce plugin. Here’s a screenshot from the live demo:

Current built-in features include:

  • All the standard group buying functionality
    • Set Deal Price
    • Set Deal Value
    • Discount & Savings automatically generated
    • Set Deal Highlights and Fine Print
    • Set minimum sales necessary for deal (Referred to as ‘tipping point’)
    • Set maximum sales possible
    • Set start and expiration date
  • Fully internationalized
  • Google Maps integration
  • Facebook Connect integration – sign in AND sign up with your Facebook Account
  • Social Media integration
    • Like/Recommend deals on Facebook
    • Share deals on Twitter
  • Fully AJAXified login process

Those are just a few highlights of the capabilities of the Group Deals plugin. Future capabilities of the plugin may include improvements such as the incorporation of a referral credit system, redemption capabilities, multiple cities support, BuddyPress support, side deals, nearby deals, gift a deal, Auto-redirect to GeoIP-based City, and many more exciting new features. The developer’s plans for the plugin can be found at the tentative development schedule/roadmap on the Group Deals website.

Pricing for the plugin starts at $69.99/month and goes up from there, depending on your selected transaction rate, level of support, and updates. That may sound expensive to some, but given the powerful capabilities of this plugin and the lucrative businesses that can be built using the product, it’s actually quite reasonable.

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