Groupon Releases Affiliate Plugin for WordPress: Cash in on the Sensation

Groupon Releases Affiliate Plugin for WordPress: Cash in on the Sensation

Groupon is one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet today and continues to raise millions of dollars for expansion. How would you like to get your WordPress site linked up with them for a piece of that pie?

Groupon’s Affiliate program is now available to WordPress users through the Groupon Plugin for WordPress. It enables bloggers to earn commission by allowing you to easily post Groupon deals on your WordPress site, including:

  • Groupon-authored text and images
  • Commission Junction integration
  • User-configurable default locations (known as ‘divisions’)

The plugin uses the Groupon API to deliver the daily deals, based on the default location you select within the dashboard options. It adds a Groupon button to the visual editor when you’re posting a blog. Clicking on the button opens a window where you can choose a specific Groupon deal that you’d like to post about. The plugin automatically includes the image and description of the deal and links you up to the Commission Junction affiliate system.

How much can you earn as a Groupon Affiliate?

Groupon affiliates earn commission for every transaction referred, plus any transaction that occurs within 30 days of the initial referral. Groupon’s base rate is 2% on all sales. However, in the case of a new user, they pay 10%. Commission is also tiered based on performance, so affiliates can earn up to 15% on all sales.

The Groupon Plugin for WordPress can be an excellent affiliate program for your blog if you write a lot of posts relevant to your local area, especially if you live in a fairly large geographic market. The plugin is basically a gateway that lets you take advantage of Groupon’s wildly successful business model. Lend them a little space in your blog’s content and get paid for the sales you send their way.