Headway Themes is Offering Free Skins for Download

Headway Themes is giving away four free skins for their drag and drop theme framework on the Headway Hub. Check out their most recent screencast for more information on installing and using the free skins.

Here’s a screenshot of the Get Thunky skin:

In other Headway news, Christopher Cochran tweeted today that he is adding BuddyPress support for Headway’s visual editor:

Here’s a sneak preview of what that looks like:

We’re interested to see how that will develop and if Headway will incorporate the BuddyPress support into the core drag-and-drop theme. This would definitely help keep Headway more competitive with the arrival of the free PressWork drag-and-drop framework. Which drag-and-drop framework will add BuddyPress support first? Stay tuned to our blog and you’ll be the first to know!