Headway Themes Makes a Move to Support BuddyPress

Exciting news from Headway Themes this week is that they have released their much-anticipated BuddyPress add-on. This add-on allows Headway theme license holders to customize their own BuddyPress themes and layout using drag-and-drop functionality.

This new BuddyPress add-on lets you:

  • Easily add a new Leaf with any BuddyPress feature
  • Includes Integrated BuddyPress Navigation

All Headway skins and leafs are WordPress plugins. Essentially you plug in as many as you need. If you enjoy using a visual editor to customize your layout and design, you’ll love how well Headway works with BuddyPress. If you’re new to Headway, check out their most recent blog post, celebrating two years in business and grab a few discount codes to use when you buy a personal or developer’s license.