Heavy Analytics Provides Community Stats for WordPress, Multisite, and BuddyPress

Yesterday Heavy Analytics for WordPress went Alpha.  If you haven’t heard of Heavy Analytics, you will soon, because it provides something unique for WordPress-based communities. Heavy Analytics provides a way of tracking and measuring interaction on your WordPress site.

It works with single-user WordPress and also has Multisite and BuddyPress add-ons to help you discover out who’s interacting within your community. Heavy Analytics mines data from WordPress and BuddyPress so that you can measure the effectiveness of your community. It shows you who’s creating primary content, including each user’s percentage, how much action there is with secondary content (replies to others), and much more. 

Heavy Analytics aims to become the finest WordPress reporting, BuddyPress reporting, and WordPress Multi-Site reporting tool in existence.

Heavy Analytics for Multisite will tell you who your most active bloggers are and who your most active commenters are, among other bits of community information.

Heavy Analytics for BuddyPress will tell you:

  • who the leaders of your BuddyPress community are.
  • who the most active members of your BuddyPress community are.
  • who the least active members of your BuddyPress community are.

If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Heavy Analytics site and sign up to test the alpha release.

The Alpha release includes the following features:

  • Top users + posts per top-user
  • Drillable date-based graphs with loads of data (# of posts, # of comments, # of trackbacks, # of users, etc.)
  • Tabular summary of website content
  • Overall website health meter

One of the members of their team gave a presentation at Startup Weekend that offers a great introduction to the purpose and Heavy Analytics and how it can benefit your community:

HeavyAnalytics – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

If you want to start measuring the engagement on your community and identify your most influential users, then this is a project you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Stay up to date with Heavy Analytics by subscribing to their blog or follow @heavyanalytics on Twitter.