Help us sort out our video issues and win a free annual WPMU DEV account :)

In a break from our usual programming I’d like to issue a general plea for help from all you good folk out there.

And offer an annual WPMU DEV account (or extension to an existing account) as means of a thankyou.

Here’s the thing, we want to make stacks more videos – we’ve already got some great theme videos, ‘how to’ videos and general plugin installation videos… but we need to be able to produce far far more of them, really professionally, for ‘how to’ WPMU DEV stuff as well as sales for Edublogs and other Incsub projects.

We’ve already got a Vimeo account, Camtasia 7 etc. etc. but what we need is a person, people or firm that will produce gorgeous looking and sounding screencast-style videos by the dozen, weekly, without costing the earth.

Do you know of that person, service or company?

Let us know in the comments or via our contact form… if we end up using them / that service we’ll give you a free annual WPMU DEV account (worth $419) or extend your current account by a year at no extra cost.

[as an example of what we’re after… just take a look at pretty much anything Michael Pick has done on… you wouldn’t be available for hire would you Michael :)]