How to Add a Pop-Up AJAX Registration Form to WordPress

How to Add a Pop-Up AJAX Registration Form to WordPress

Is your registration form boring and inconvenient? The default WordPress registration form tends to be an isolated, unbranded area of many websites. Today we’ll show you how to change this to a quick and convenient pop-up registration experience.

A pop-up registration form that is fully AJAX is not something that’s easy to implement but now you can get it in plugin form with Register Modal. A “modal window” is a Javascript term for “pop-up” where the rest of the page behind the window is obscured.

This AJAX form allows the user to set his own custom password. It has a built-in captcha to keep your site secure from spam registrations. When the user clicks the “register” link on your site, he’ll get the pop-up form where he can register and be instantly logged in.

Simple Setup: Install and Activate

More than likely you’ll have no problem adding this plugin to your site. Register Modal relies on the use of wp_loginout() in your theme. It uses the “register” filter to add a class to the WordPress register link. The only changes you might need to make are for customizing the plugin’s appearance. Out of the box it is very plain, so you may want to brand it for your site.

If your theme does not use wp_register() and you still want to use this plugin, you can manually edit your theme and add a register link by including the tags in the default meta widget. Drop the meta widget in your sidebar or manually add it to your theme, and you’re ready to go.

Benefits of Modal Registration:

Keeping your users engaged in your website with a quick and unobtrusive registration process is this plugin’s best feature. When a user clicks the register link, it doesn’t navigate him to a completely different page. He can register instantly and will already be logged in.This small bit of convenience makes a big difference. Modal windows like this one are a design savvy addition because of their seamless integration into your current theme. Register Modal gives your site an attractive and convenient alternative to the standard built-in WordPress registration form.