How to Add a Slick CU3ER 3D Image Slider to Your WordPress Site

How to Add a Slick CU3ER 3D Image Slider to Your WordPress Site

We always enjoy sharing easy-to-use design tools for our readers who are in the process of customizing their websites. WP CU3ER is a new tool that falls in that category. It’s the official CU3ER plugin for WordPress and has finally hit the repository. It provides a way to add a 3D image slider to WordPress. We’ll walk you through the process step by step and in minutes you’ll have your own CU3ER slider up on your WordPress site. Check out the screenshot below and view the CU3ER site to see a live demo.

Step 1: Download and install the WP CU3ER plugin from the WordPress repository.

Full documentation for installing the plugin is available on the CU3ER website. You can add it through the WordPress automatic installer or manually upload the files via FTP. After you activate the plugin you will get this message:

“You are not using latest CU3ER.swf….”

You’ll need to upload CU3ER.swf to your WordPress. The easiest way is to go to ‘Setup’ page and upload your CU3ER swf. An active CU3ER FREE or PRO account is required. You’ll be prompted within the plugin to get an account. Then you can download the CU3ER package.

Step 2: Prepare your project.

Within the package that you downloaded are instructions for editing your .xml file and including images. If you’re not a PRO user then you’ll need to do this manually. If you just want to see how it works, upload the sample project included.

Step 3: Add a new CU3ER project.

Import a new project .zip or .xml to wpCU3ER.

You can also edit the slides within WordPress and change their display settings, including the flip color, angle, duration, order, direction, and many more options.

Step 4: Embed CU3ER on a post or page.

You’ll get a little icon on your the Visual editor within WordPress which will allow you to easily embed any of your CU3ER projects on a post or page.

The end result is a slick 3D image slider showing on your post or page with all of your customized transitions. The CU3ER slider effect is very popular right now and now you can achieve it within WordPress with the help of this plugin. Support for WP CU3ER can be found on the CU3ER website at: