How to Add the Google +1 Button To Your WordPress Site

How to Add the Google +1 Button To Your WordPress Site

Ready or not, it’s here!

Google has added one more button that we all will want to add to our sites as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And this one is extra important as it could potentially influence search engine rankings for Google – which is something we all are always after.

Here is our first +1 button on this site – go ahead and press it to try it out ;)

Before adding it to your site or blog, here are some things you should know:

  1. Only add the +1 button to public sites. The FAQ from Google warns that if a user clicks on a +1 button, Google will crawl and index the page – potentially even if it is behind a paywall or only visible to registered users.
  2. To get personalized +1 info, users will have to accept it on their Google Profiles here. However, they can already view and click the button and data will start to be collected before they “subscribe”. Something tells me we will all be auto-opted in soon.
  3. +1 “shares” are currently only shown in English language search results, and not on mobile results at all – though this will be changing shortly.
  4. There is no limit to number of +1 buttons you can place on your site. It will take some work to figure out the best way to display all of these different buttons (like, send, tweet, email, +1, and more).


How to add the +1 button to any page or post:

1. Copy the following code:

{code type=php}
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>


2. Paste the code into the HTML tab of your page or post – or place the code in your theme files where you want it to appear.

3. Check out these attribute and customization options you can add to the code to get the look and features you want. You could also you the code generator found here.

Is there a plugin for this?

There definitely is!

Get your copy of the free WPMU DEV Google +1 Plugin here!