How to Blackout Your WordPress Site in Protest of SOPA on January 18th

How to Blackout Your WordPress Site in Protest of SOPA on January 18th

On January 18th, many sites across the web will be protesting SOPA by going black, including Reddit and possibly Wikipedia, as well as tons of other smaller sites.

How to join the protest:

If you’d like to join the protest, it’s very easy. Download the Stop SOPA plugin from the WordPress repository. Many thanks to Brooke Dukes for creating this free tool to help the WordPress community protest. The STOP SOPA plugin will automatically blackout your site for you on January 18th from 8am to 8pm.

What will my site look like during the blackout?

The page will have a black background with a message in white text:

This site has been blocked in protest of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) two bills which will allow the government censor the intenet.
Find out more at or the video below.

This website will return at 8pm.

The blackout screen will also include this video to help your visitors understand the implications of SOPA:

This is one of those issues where we all need to pull together to fight to stop it. Once bills are passed they are not so easily reversed and the ramifications of this one would be global. This is not just an American problem – it will negatively affect internet entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. Please consider using the free Stop SOPA plugin to blackout your site in protest.

For a quick overview of SOPA check out our recent post: WordPress Speaks Out Against SOPA/PIPA

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