How To Build Your Own Site in 7 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Own Site in 7 Easy Steps

Did you know that is run by the same people who are behind WPMU DEV?

That means that WPMU DEV supplies members with all the plugins and functionality that anyone would need to build their own style site.

Well, we figured that we’d create a quick guide to assist:

Step One – Themes

The first thing you’ll need is the ability for your users to select from all the great themes offered by Edublogs, using the theme pack we supply here.

Farms 133 theme pack

The ultimate WordPress / WPMU theme pack – 133 themes – tested, 100% supported, custom headers, threaded comments, internationalization, tags, gallery CSS and guaranteed to work!

And for a homepage themes you might like to customize our old Edublogs homepage:

The Edublogs Homepage Theme

The homepage theme, ready for you to disassemble and use in as many personal, business or other projects as you like!

For which we also provide bbPress and help themes too:

Help, Support and FAQ theme

A perfect theme for providing help and support, frequently asked questions and building a serious knowledge base!

The Edublogs Forums bbPress Theme

A fantastic bbPress theme, incorporating avatars, unbelievably cool design and compatibility with the regular Edublogs theme

Alternatively you could try one of our other CMS / Homepage style themes:

WPMU Nelo – Special CMS Frontpage Theme

WPMU Nelo is a CMS frontpage or blog theme thats a little bit special. Not only does it allow a massively configurable layout, but also simple editing of all images without a custom field in sight!

WPMU Triden – CMS Frontpage Theme

WPMU Triden is a powerful and immensely customizable theme that you can use as a homepage or individual blog… perfect for WPMU!

WPMU Dixi – CMS Frontpage Theme

WPMU Dixi is a powerful and immensely customizable theme that you can use as a homepage or individual blog… perfect for WPMU!

Step Two – Blogs & User Management

Then you’ll want to add tools t help you (and your users) create and manage new blogs and users:

Add New Users

Allows you to bulk create new users on a site and add them to a blog, including the facility to set their role and password on the new site.

Batch Create

Create hundred or thousands of blogs and users automatically by simply uploading a csv text file – subdomain and user creation automation has never been so easy.

Blog And User Creator

The blog and user creator plugin is an amazing powerful feature that allows you, and your users, to batch create gazillions of blogs and/or users while setting passwords, urls, titles and more!

Step Three – Global Listings

After that you’ll want to display dynamic lists of recently updated blogs, latest posts and other interesting network activity around your site:

Global Site Tags

This powerful plugin allows you to simply display a global tag cloud for your entire WordPress MU site. How cool is that!

Global Site Search

A magnificent plugin that allows global search across all blogs on your WordPress MU / BuddyPress install with ease!

Blogs Directory

This plugin provides a paginated, fully search-able, avatar inclusive, automatic and rather good looking directory of all of the blogs on your WordPress MU or BuddyPress installation.

Members Directory

Would you like an automatic list of all the users on your site, with avatars, pagination, a built in search facility and extended customizable user profiles? Well, you’ve found it!

Step Four – Community

You may also want to introduce community elements into your site, just like we use in Campus.


Create internal communities with their own discussion boards, wikis, news dashboards, user lists and messaging facilities


An internal email / messaging / inbox solution (that notifies real email) that’ll get the communication juices flowing!

Blogs Widget

Show recently updated blogs across your site, with avatars, through this handy widget

Users Widget

Show a nice list of random users from your site, with avatars, wherever you want with this handy widget


Lets your users ‘friend’ each other, display funky widgets with avatar mosaics of all their friends on the site and generally get all social!


Allows each blog to have their very own forums – embedded in any page or post


Allows users to upload ‘user avatars’ and ‘blog avatars’ which then can appear in comments and blog / user listings around the site (and is incorporated into all WPMU DEV Premium plugins and themes!)

Recent Global Posts Widget

A widget that shows recent posts from all the blogs across your entire WPMU installation – hugely powerful and massively configurable!

Step Five – Communication

And you’ll want a number of ways in which you can interact with your users:

Mass Email Sender

Allows you to send emails to all users via defined mailing lists. Users also have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Admin Message

This is a simple plugin that makes it easier to place a message in the admin panels that all users will see

Automatic follow up emails for new users

When a new users signs up at your site, you want to welcome them, and this plugin allows you to do that extra well by sending automatic welcome emails for several days after they have joined.

Step Six – Making Money

There’s nothing wrong with running your site for a profit, and we provide you with exactly the same tools we use at Edublogs for just that purpose:


The ultimate upgrade plugin, turn regular users into subscribers with premium themes, premium plugins and more – even works at sign up! Developed for uber-WPMU site Edublogs and provided here for you!

WordPress MU Affiliate


The perfect affiliate marketing plugin for your WordPress MU site – allows your users to simply become affiliates, send you referrals, track their clicks and sales and get paid while you do!

Step Seven – Join WPMU DEV Now!

The plugins and themes listed above are only the start.

Almost every one of the 100+ plugins and 150+ themes we provide can be used on your site – and we’re developing new ones all the time.

Plus, every single release is backed by our Upgrade and Support Guarantee – so you’ll never struggle with out of date plugins, theme bugs or mno help from plugin or theme authors again.

It’s just a little over $1 a day to be a WPMU DEV member, so join up today and access all of the above, a heap more besides, and brilliant help and support for any issues you come across.