How to Bulk Install Your Go-To WordPress Plugins

How to Bulk Install Your Go-To WordPress Plugins

If you regularly set up new WordPress installations, you probably have a go-to list of plugins you like to use on all your sites, but installing and activating plugins manually, one-by-one, can quickly become tediously repetitive.

Luckily, there’s a quick way to install all of your favorite plugins in one go, saving you time.

In this post I’ll show you how to bulk install plugins.

Bulk plugins
Bulk upload plugins to your WordPress site and save a bunch of time.

For this tutorial we’re going to use Multi Plugin Installer, a handy tool that allows you to install multiple plugins in one go. It’s available for free in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

After installing and activating the plugin, a new menu item will appear in the admin sidebar.

There are three ways you can install plugins using Multi Plugin Installer:

1. Install Plugins By Their Names or WordPress Download URL

Install bulk plugins
Enter the names of the free plugins you want to install and Multi Plugin Installer will automatically find them for you.

This option allows you to search, install and activate plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository with one click.

In the “Enter Exported File Name” text field, enter a name for your bulk list.

In the main text field, enter the names or the URLs of the plugins in the repository you want to set up.

Click either “Install plugins” or “Install & Activate plugins.”

Your newly installed (and activated) plugins will appear in your plugin list.

2. Install Plugins Directly From Your Local Machine

If you want to install plugins that aren’t in the repository, like plugins available on GitHub for instance or even plugins you have created yourself, the second install option allows you to upload files directory from your computer.

Click on “Choose Files” and select the plugins you want to use, then click “Install & Activate plugins.”

The plugins will appear in your plugin list, all activated and ready to use.

3. Import MPI File to Install and Activate the Plugins

The last option lets you import an MPI (Multi Plugin Installer) file. This option is great if you regularly install the same plugins on WordPress sites because it allows you to import your settings into other installs.

Export and import your bulk plugins settings to streamline how you set up new WordPress installs.

Each time you create a new bulk plugin list using option one, the plugin will automatically create a backup for later use.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to make a backup file of plugins from your local machine, so this option is just for plugins in the repository.

Summing Up

I hope this post helps you streamline how you set up new WordPress sites. There are other plugins for the bulk installation of plugins that you may want to check out, including WP Install Profiles and Bulk Plugin Installation.