8 More Tools for Choosing Your Website Colors

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about choosing the right colors for your website, and suggested a few online tools to get you started. Further research has revealed a whole range of cool websites for the aspiring web designer, which I thought were worthy of an update to the original article.

So here you go: another eight online tools to help you choose a stunning color scheme for your website, without spending a penny. Enjoy!

Finding a great color scheme for your website


A sexy interactive graphics site that allows you to explore the color spectrum in 3D. Includes lots of predefined color palettes to get you started.

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Color Scheme Designer

A great tool for finding the perfect match between warm and cool colors. Just select a starting color and the app will suggest a whole range of possible color schemes with mathematical precision.

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Color Combos

How to pick the best website colorsA vast library of user-submitted color schemes. Good for casual browsing when you need an inspiration hit.

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Another brainchild of the COLOURlovers community, Copaso is a fully-featured palette creation tool with plenty of user support available.

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Color Explorer

This is a free Adobe app that let’s you build color palettes, browse professional design schemes and extract color from digital photographs. The working environment will feel familiar to anyone who uses Photoshop or Illustrator on a regular basis.

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Create a color scheme for your website designA basic palette tool. Not as many features as some of the other sites, but very quick and easy to use. Ideal for exploring shade and hue variations of your primary color scheme.

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Color Blender

Basically an online paint mixer. Color Blender lets you mess around with the Red, Green and Blue channels to your heart’s content. More of an experimental tool than a design shortcut.

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Color Wheel

No fuss, no frills – this is an ultra basic site that shows you the HEX value of individual points on the color wheel, and tells you which colors are web safe and which aren’t. A handy reference to keep open while you’re working on your site.

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Can you suggest any others?

If you know of any useful free tools for choosing website colors, that weren’t mentioned here or in the previous article, please let us know in the comment section below this article.

Thanks for the photos: Pilotage, Jasohill and Timothy K Hamilton.