How to Create a Custom Facebook Page for Your Band or Business Using WordPress

How to Create a Custom Facebook Page for Your Band or Business Using WordPress

Facebook recently announced that they’ve updated page design for organizations, adding in support for iframe tabs. This is good news for WordPress users, because it makes it very easy to embed custom designs that you’re already using on your WordPress pages.

In this tutorial we’ll walk you through the process of creating a custom Facebook page using tools available through WordPress.

Step 1: Set up a Facebook Page for your band, business, or organization

Facebook makes this very easy for you to do, since they want to have millions of pages on their network. Download or view the Facebook Guide to Pages if you need help setting one up.

Step 2: Add the Facebook Tab Manager plugin to your WordPress site

Facebook Tab Manager is a new plugin for WordPress that makes WordPress function as an editor for tabs you can embed in a Facebook page. You can use it to create landing pages and other types of content that you want to include on your Facebook page. It makes use of the regular WordPress page/post editor, so you can even use shortcodes and added dynamic functionality from other plugins.

The Facebook Tab Manager plugin basically allows you to put more interesting layouts and functionality into your Facebook pages, without the need to get too deep into fancy programming.

After you’ve installed the plugin, you can create content by going to fbtab >> add new.

Step 3: Register your content as a Facebook Tab

After you’ve created and published content using the fbtab editor, look underneath your content on the edit screen. You’ll find the instructions for registering a new Facebook app to contain your content. This involves:

  1. Visit the Facebook Developers utility for app registration
  2. Click the Create New App button
  3. Fill out the registraition form, including the parameters displayed to you on the edit screen of the content you created within WordPress

Setting up the Facebook app should be as simple as giving it a name and then pasting in the Site URL and Site Domain.

Step 4: Add Facebook Integration to the App

Within the app settings, go to Facebook Integration and paste in the Canvas URL, as shown to you on the post editing screen within WordPress. Scroll down and add the Page Tab information, as directed and click save.

Step 5: Add the App to your Facebook Page

This is the last step. You’ll need to be an admin on the Facebook Page that you’re working with. While in the developer center of the app you just created, view the app and click “Add to my Page”. If you want the tab to be default when someone visits your page, you can assign that while logged into your Page as admin: Manage Permissions >> Default Landing Tab.

Now when you view your Facebook page with a custom landing page you’ll see the content you created in WordPress.

You can create tabs for any content that you want to pull in from your site – ie. event signups, registration forms, blog posts, contact forms, etc. Users can even navigate directly within the iframed content while staying on Facebook.

The Facebook Tab Manager plugin was created by David Carr of Carr Communications. Stop by the plugin’s homepage on his site for more information.