How to Get Started with Google+ Pages and WordPress

How to Get Started with Google+ Pages and WordPress

Today Google launched Google + Pages, making it possible for us to set up our very own page on Google +! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’m going to walk you through the process of setting up your Google + page for your own business.

[Update: You don’t even need to integrate your Google+ Page manually anymore. You can use our snazzy free Google + plugin!]

Just What Is a Google + Page?

Well, it’s pretty much a Facebook page but on Google +. So like Facebook but with awesome video chat and minus Farmville and Mafia Wars….. and your mum. I reckon that’s the best way to describe it. You can check out this lamoid video from Google that tells you a bit more:

Before you get started you should have:

  • Business name and website address
  • A logo or image for your page

Let’s go, you crazy hipsters!

1. Create Your Page Type

Navigate to the Google + Pages creation site.

You’ve got five options for setting up your page:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sport
  • Other

choose your page type - we're choosing "other"

For setting up the page I’m going to choose “Other”.

2. Add Your Info

Now you’ve got to add your basic information. You’ll need:

  • Name
  • Link
  • Choose the type of user it’s appropriate for
  • Choose whether you want to receive updates
  • Agree to Terms of Service

add your page's information

3. Customize Your Page

Now you want to add a tagline and your logo or image. You can drag and drop your image from your desktop to G+.

add your tagline and logo

4. Spread the Word

Now you can tell the world about your new page by sharing it with your Circles.

share with friends!

5. Add a Badge

To make it easy for people to find your page you’ll need to add a badge to you website. You can see our new G+ badge in the top right of our header. Don’t worry. We’ll be sexying up that thing pretty soon!

On the first landing page after setting up your page you’ll see a section that says “Connect Your Website”. Click on “Get the badge”.

click on "get a badge"

Now you can choose your badge. Unfortunately the standard badge and small badge are not yet available :( Instead you can choose a big, lumpy icon.

for now you can only choose an icon - no +1 available!

You have two pieces of code that you need to add to your WordPress theme:

  1. Add to your website’s header – this lets Google know that you are the official owner of that page
  2. Add a piece of code where you want the badge to appear

the top code  snippet goes in your head tags, the bottom wherever you want your badge to appear

Grab the first piece of code and, in your WordPress installation, navigate to Appearance > Editor

Look for the header.php file:

it's located on the right hand side with your template files

Note: You can also do this via FTP by finding the file wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/header.php

Copy the first piece of code into your header.php inside the head tags.

insert into your head tags

You need to grab the next piece of code and insert it where you want the badge to appear. If you’re not comfortable inserting it into your template file the simplest thing to do is to insert it into a blank text widget.

create a blank text widget and paste in the code

And here it is in action on Twenty Eleven.

G+ icon in use on Twenty Eleven

Now you’re ready to go with Google + Pages. And don’t forget, you can add us to your Circles! You can expect more G+ tips from us in the near future.