How to Import and Export MarketPress Products

How to Import and Export MarketPress Products

If you’re just getting started with MarketPress, it’s helpful to know how to bring in products from another store or move them from one installation to another. Questions about importing and exporting pop up all the time, so let’s take a quick look at the options available.

How to Import Products Into MarketPress

Importing products into a MarketPress store is very easy. Visit Products >> Store Settings >> Importers and you can import directly from WP E-Commerce or via a CSV file. Support for getting featured images is included as well. If you have a rather long list of products there are some tips on that page for breaking up your import to help keeping WordPress from timing out. Here’s a quick video that acquaints you with where to find these options:

How to Export MarketPress Products

Because MarketPress products are custom post types, MarketPress doesn’t have its own exporter. You can actually just use the regular WordPress export tool. If you want to move MarketPress products to another installation of WordPress, all you need to do is export them the way you normally would export WordPress posts. Go to Tools >> Export and select Products.

The first step in exporting MarketPress products

After you click “Download Export File” you will receive an XML file containing all of the information for your store products.

It bears mentioning that you should already have MarketPress installed on the domain where you want to import your products. The next step is to import those products into your site using the WordPress importer located at Tools >> Import. Make sure to check the box to “Download and import file attachments”. This will ensure that your product images are brought over with the other product details.

Import MarketPress products and images
Now you should see a screen that shows the products imported and confirms your successful import. Visit the Products page to see everything that was imported.

For more information on setting up MarketPress, check out our Complete Video Guide to MarketPress on Youtube. It’s a library full of tutorials to help you get set up quickly.

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