How to install BuddyPress themes

To install BuddyPress themes you must first install BuddyPress – please follow the instructions below to install BuddyPress and then the steps below that to install one of the WPMU DEV Premium themes

Installing BuddyPress and the BuddyPress Default Theme in WordPress MU.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of WPMU installed

2. Download the BuddyPress plugin from

3. Unzip the downloaded file and upload the BuddyPress plugin to /wp-content/plugins/

4. Login to your and go to the ‘Plugins’ tab – activate the BuddyPress plugin

5. If you want to used the BuddyPress default theme. Look for the /bp-theme/ folder inside /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/

6. Copy/move both /bp-sn-parent/ and /bp-default/ to /wp-content/themes/

7. In your dashboard visit Site Admin > Themes and activate ‘BuddyPress Default’ (The BuddyPress Social Network Parent Theme should not be activated)

Installing and Using BuddyPress Themes from WPMU DEV

*NB please make sure you have the latest version of WPMU installed along with the latest version of BuddyPress

1. Download the BuddyPress theme of your choice from

(2. If you’re using IE/older browser, the file may download with no extension… just rename the file from myfile.noextension to

3. Unzip the themes and you should see a single folder – for example: /bp-corporate/ not /bp-corporate/bp-corporate/

4. Upload the /bp-corporate/ folder to /wp-content/themes/

5. Login to your dashboard (/wp-admin/) and go to Site-Admin > Themes and activate (in this case) ‘BuddyPress Corporate’

6. Once activated, go to Appearence > Themes and activate the ‘BuddyPress Corporate’ theme