How to Install WordPress in Under 90 Seconds

How to Install WordPress in Under 90 Seconds

You thought the famous 5-minute install for WordPress was zippy fast. Now there’s an even faster way to get a WorPress site running on your server, and it literally takes less than two minutes to setup – no exaggeration!

SetupBOT is a unique site-to-site installer for web applications and it can be used to install WordPress in under 90 seconds. It requires no downloads and no technical knowledge. Try out the demo – the install is guided so you don’t need step-by-step guide instructions. Simply fill in the info it asks you for on each screen.

Here’s a 90 second video of how it’s done:

You can rest easy, because all information is sent over secure https and no information is kept. It’s not even stored temporarily.

So, Setupbot can install WordPress super fast. What else can it do?

You can use Setupbot to speed up many WordPress-related tasks:

  • Detects domain’s root folder on many servers
  • User can select path to home page if not auto-detected
  • Detects .htaccess requirements, makes edits and backups
  • Detect Zend/ioncube dependency and install on most servers
  • Create cron jobs
  • Create and populate mysql tables
  • Set folder/file permissions
  • Gather custom configuration details and writes/edits config files
  • Install wordpress plugins
  • Display license agreement and require agreement
  • Display thank you and readme message at end of install
  • Won’t overwrite existing installs in selected folder
  • Remembers the install folder so it doesn’t have to ask ever again for that domain

Beyond installs, Setupbot can also quickly handle upgrades. It’s capable of automatically creating backups before upgrading and can even complete one-click upgrades, just like when you upgrade through WordPress. Setupbot will also run the script to upgrade databases, if required.

SetupBOT is not just for WordPress – that’s just an example of the range of tasks it’s capable of completing. It can actually be used for any commercial application.

If you want to simplify the WordPress install process and cut down on the time you spend transferring files, check out the SetupBOT demo installer.