How to Make Money With MarketPress by Turning Your Site Into an Affiliate Powerhouse

How to Make Money With MarketPress by Turning Your Site Into an Affiliate Powerhouse

Many users are successfully using the MarketPress plugin to sell physical and digital goods and even create their own networks of stores. Did you know that you can also use MarketPress to create your own store for affiliate products?

Perhaps you’re much better at promoting another company’s products. Or maybe you prefer not to have the hassle of keeping an inventory, maintaining a payment gateway and handling transactions. We’re going to walk you through transforming your site into a revenue-generating affiliate hub.

Affiliate marketing is already built into MarketPress – no hacking required!

MarketPress has a lesser known feature that allows you to link any of your products to an external link. That means that you can use links from any affiliate program that you belong. When a user wants to add the product to his cart, he’ll be sent to the external site. You can also turn off all the checkout features so that you can use MarketPress exclusively as a product listing plugin. This is handy for generating revenue from affiliate commissions on sites like ClickBank, E-junkie or Amazon Affiliate.

Step 1. (the only step): Link your products to an external link.

This is so easy that it doesn’t really require a tutorial, but here’s the general idea. Get the specific link from your affiliate program. When creating a new affiliate product, paste the link into the “External Link” input box in the Product Details section, as shown below:

Then, when a user clicks “Add to Cart” he will be taken to directly to that product on the external website. Fill out all the other fields as you normally would.

Promote and arrange the best products on the web any way you like. Create your dream store from your favorite brands and start making a little pocket change from the recommendations that you already send to your friends. It’s as easy as copying and pasting the link. Start making more money through affiliate programs by putting MarketPress to work for you today.