How To Maximize WordPress Traffic Arriving From Search Engines

How To Maximize WordPress Traffic Arriving From Search Engines

You’ve worked hard on building your search engine rankings and you’re starting to get some decent traffic. Congratulations, you’ve accomplished step one of capturing your visitor’s attention. Now what?

The next step is to keep your visitosr on your site by showing them content that will keep them clicking through, discovering more information they want, and hopefully bookmarking your site or subscribing to your updates. Did you know that WordPress can do this dynamically, based on how the user arrived to your site?

Have a look the Search Engine Keywords Related Posts Widget, a new powerhouse plugin, designed to showcase the content your user is looking for. When a user arrives via Google, it will drop him off on what it sees as the most popular page for the keywords. However, this may not be the best match for what he’s looking for. By matching the Google keywords to other posts, the user is more likely to connect with relevant content on your site. This is what the plugin does:

  1. Search Engine Keywords Related Posts Widget will detect if your user has arrived from a search engine.
  2. It collects the query string from Google, Bing and Yahoo and extracts the keywords that the user used in his search.
  3. The widget then lists posts related to the search engine keywords.

What does it look like? Options on the widget include how many related posts to display, the ability to change the widget title, and to set the widget to appear on posts and/or pages only. It will take the style of your theme’s widgets and will output a list similar to this:

The widget is only visible when a user arrives through a Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, or Baidu search. Users arriving through bookmarks, direct links or referrals from other sites will not see the widget.

The benefit of having posts available to a user based on what he’s searching for is that if he sees a number of pieces directly related to his interests, he is more likely to add you to his bookmarks or subscribe. It’s like being able to put your best face on for your visitor with the secret knowledge of what brought him there and what he wants to see. Your site’s appearance when a user arrives via a search engine is just like a first date, or maybe even more like a blind date. Adding this plugin is a quick and easy way to start making a good impression and ultimately win more repeat traffic.